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Friday, April 20, 2012

Op/Ed-Zimmerman's 'bail' is debated in court, it was victim Trayvon Martin's right to 'stand his ground'

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ROJS News Op/Ed

Update- 4/20 @ 11:17 AM-

Judge Kenneth Lester has set George Zimmerman's bond at $150,000. Zimmerman must check in with the Seminole County officials every three days, have no contact with the victim and the bond officials will decide if he can leave the state of Florida for his 'protection'.


As we're writing this article, on the television before us is George Zimmerman, who's attorney in a Seminole County court room attempts to present a case for bond. Zimmerman's has a right to seek a bond, as the U.S. Constitution states in its' Eight Amendment states in part, ". . .excessive bail shall not be imposed. . ."

In reverse, the prosecution has a similar right to show George Zimmerman had a history of violence and prior arrest record which included striking law enforcement personnel in Sanford, FL. It's unknown at the time of penning this piece if George Zimmerman will be granted bond but, one fact of this case is clear. Victim Trayvon Martin was Standing His Ground on the evening of February 26, 2012.

Let's examine this within the facts of the case presented so far in the media. The Sanford Police Department (SPD) footage, on the night George Zimmerman was temporary detained in the Martin shooting, clearly shows that Zimmerman walked on his on his own free will into police department. He didn't need or require of assistance to enter the location.  In fact, a second medical transportation (ambulance) on the way to Zimmerman was instructed not to arrive at the scene by 911 personnel.

If Zimmerman had massive injuries to the back of this head, it makes little to no sense at all 911 dispatcher to call off the ambulance. Especially considering the dispatcher, county or emergency assistance personnel could easily face what would amount to a civil lawsuit, for calling off any necessary medical assistance for George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman was instructed by the 911 dispatcher not to follow Trayvon Martin. Specifically, the 911 dispatcher stated on the tape recording, Sanford's Police Department has established a visible trail on Martin, and will be at the scene shortly to Zimmerman. Zimmerman disobeys sound, sane and correct advice of the 911 dispatcher and instead, choose to continue following Martin.

Martin, who had Skittles and a Ice Tea had rights according to Florida law to 'stand his ground' against Zimmerman who was stalking Martin, on the way to his Father's and his Dad finacee's home. The location which Zimmerman was carrying a firearm, illegally.

Why was Zimmerman carrying the firearm is illegal? Due to the fact, George  Zimmerman had specific orders not to carry while doing his job as neighborhood watch captain, from the property owners' association.

Back to Martin standing his ground. Zimmerman, as the facts presented in the media proves, had no reason to follow Martin, besides a unfounded belief that Martin was a 'suspicious person wearing a hootie in the rain'. Most individuals would cover their head with items such as a hootie or umbrella in rain.

Zimmerman stalks Martin anyway and at some point, pulls a gun on Martin. Martin stood his ground to defend himself from a 270 pound 5'11 man with a deadly firearm, while he was unarmed. Zimmerman in the fight to save Martin's life that followed, could have hit his head on the grass as some 'newly located' pictures show. The overriding question for a jury of Zimmerman's peers in a court of law should inquire is when and where these pictures taken?

Specifically, where the pictures taken after Sanford Police Department released Zimmerman, or before. Maybe these pictures were shot at the police station during the booking process, or was it two day later when Zimmerman on the advice of his Father, a Judge, thought he (Zimmerman) needed a convenient excuse for shooting a unarmed youth African-American teenager to death?

Some will 'defend' George Zimmerman claim he was could standing his ground but, Florida law about stand your ground similarly applies to victim Trayvon Martin defending himself against Zimmerman who was carrying an deadly weapon. 

State prosecutor Angela Corey and her team will seek to gain a conviction or either Second Degree Murder or the lesser crime of manslaughter, in upcoming months. 

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