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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Op/Ed-Where is Pontiac, Michigan? Does this city exist anymore?

Official seal of City of Pontiac
Official seal of City of Pontiac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
ROJS News Op/Ed

This is a serious article that asks as inquiring minds want to know the answer. Where's Pontiac, Michigan and what has happened to this city's government website?

After attending a meeting with former Pontiac, Michigan Emergency Manager under the state Highly-Controversial statue-Public Act #4,  Michael Stampfler on April 24th, ROJS News wanted to point a link in our article to the city's' Charter or founding document. This was after a Pontiac resident asked Mr. Stampfler, during this press event at the Rotary Club of Wyandotte, if he had read the City Charter during his tenure.

The following was Stampfler's response to the resident:

"The charter is just maybe interesting reading", Stampfler responded leading to a conclusion during this 14 month Emergency Manager stint, suggesting he hadn't studied Pontiac City Charter document during his tenure with the city.
Maybe, Mr. Stampfler couldn't find the City Charter, as when ROJS News went to research Pontiac's Charter, the city website no longer exist.

This is what looks like at April 24th at 8:30 PM

And that's not all. If you're a Pontiac resident trying to research the cities Fire Code Regulations, you would run a blank page, literally:

Want to know who Pontiac's City Council members are? Well, you wouldn't be able to look them up on the internet:

According to Google Maps Pontiac, Michigan can be found:

Maybe someone should call Pontiac's legal department, or maybe not so much:

Has the city newest Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel succeeded in his mission of Pontiac being engulfed by neighboring community, Waterford, Michigan? What does Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's office think about this? ROJS News will follow up with Pontiac Officials and the Governor's office to investigate if Pontiac is still a city in Michigan.

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