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Sunday, April 1, 2012

(Video) Op/Ed-Trayvon Martin last calls for help, should lead to the immediate arrest of George Zimmerman

ROJS News Op/Ed

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The 911 tapes proves
George Zimmerman lied to
protect him from murder charges
in the Trayvon Martin case.
In my years of writing articles, this piece is the most painful. Nevertheless, before linking the video of what is more likely than not, 17-year old Trayvon Martin's last calls for help, a couple of points must be made.

George Zimmerman committed murder, whether it was premeditated or not, a young man is dead who was begging for his life. The screams on this tape don't in anyway sound like an individual seeking to do anyone harm. Instead the desperate calls for help from someone or anyone, sound as if Mr. Martin knew that death was standing before him.

It was been proven that George Zimmerman is a liar. Zimmerman lied about Mr. Martin attacking him on the night of February 26th as evidenced on video tape upon entering Sanford's Police Department garage. Not one visible injury or head wound can be seen on this tape.

Zimmerman via his 'alleged' co-hort of paid spokespersons' similar to Joe Oliver, would go to any length to discredit Mr. Martin reputation, even after his death. Before his effective cross-examination on MSNBC's 'The Last Word with Lawrence O' Donnell', Oliver appeared on other news programs going as far to say that the words 'coon' or 'goon' was a 'term of endearments' for African-Americans. Amazingly, Oliver has disappeared from his near hourly rounds of television programs appearances after his interview on 'The Last Word'.

Another new spokesperson, brother Robert Zimmerman recently appeared on CNN after ABC News release of the Sanford Police Department video tape. Robert Zimmerman claimed to see something in the video other individuals haven't seen at all, a broken nose. Ironically, Robert Zimmerman's interview was on CNN; the same television network 'alleged' paid spokesperson Joe Oliver worked for in 1994.

Robert Zimmerman conveniently skipped during in interview offering any reasonable explanations to his brother's repeated incidents of violence, and 47 previous law enforcement calls in George Zimmerman's 'Neighborhood Watch Captain' role on 'suspicious' African-American males before Mr. Martin's untimely death.

And now there this, the 911 tape. One thing is clear, as two voice assessment experts determined. These aren't the screams of George Zimmerman. With this, it's more than obvious the only other person calling for help was Trayvon Martin.

(WARNING-The audio contained in this video is disturbing) 

So when, and how long will it take for George Zimmerman be arrested?

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