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Friday, April 20, 2012

Op/Ed-Michiganders right to vote on November 6th is in the GOP's hands

ROJS News Op/Ed
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Thought making voting difficult in Detroit was the end of Michigan's Republican 'leadership' efforts disenfranchise voters? Nope, not at all.

Back on October 13, 2011, ROJS News was the first Michigan political blog which penned a story about our Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, who happens to be a Republican of course, crafting what's known as the 'Safe and Fair Election Initiative'. The point of this 'policy', well less just be nice and say, its' stop mythical voter fraud in Michigan. Its' mythical because in Michigan only one case of voter fraud has been prosecuted in the last twenty years.

Here it is, reported on March 11, 2011, from CBS News Journalist Stephanie Condon:
"Two former local Democratic party officials from Michigan face up to 14 years behind bars for allegedly forging paperwork to put fake Tea Party candidates on the November 2010 ballot. 
Former Oakland County Democratic Chair Mike McGuinness and former Democratic Operations Director Jason Bauer were indicted on a total of nine felony charges this week, local station WJBK reports. 
McGuinness and Bauer allegedly tried to put two county commission candidates and a state senate candidate on the ballot without their knowledge, the Detroit Free Press reported, by forging their signatures and falsely swearing under oath about the candidacies. 
A Free Press investigation last summer revealed that Bauer had allegedly notarized petitions for a dozen Tea Party candidates statewide, and the Michigan Supreme Court subsequently upheld a ruling to keep candidates associated with the questionable group "The Tea Party" off the 2010 ballot."
Of course, conservative political blog 'Capitol Confidential' couldn't wait to find out which one of these former Democratic officials were convicted in a court of law and how much time in Michigan's Department of Corrections (MDOC) they would serve.

From January 12, 2012 Capitol Confidential Blog (operated by the Mackinaw Center for Public Policy/ALEC):
"Jason Bauer, a former Oakland Country Democratic Party official, was sentenced to one year of probation and $2,600 in fines for his involvement with a 2010 fake Tea Party scheme. Bauer is the second person involved in the plot to be sentenced. Former Oakland County Democratic Party Chair Mike McGuinness pleaded no contest in October to charges of perjury and forgery."
For faking as 'Tea Party Candidates', Bauer and McGuinness received probation and less than $2,700 in fines. Wonder what Ruth Johnson would do if Michigan was Wisconsin. Our state neighbor to the West of Lake Michigan have known fake Republicans running as Democrats in May 8th primary election, and if they win, they'll also run in June 8th general election to recall or retain Gov. Scott Walker (R).

From Wisconsin's The, Journalist Mary Spicuzza reports April 17th:
"The state elections board voted unanimously Tuesday to allow six Republicans to run as Democrats to appear on the ballot in Wisconsin's upcoming recall elections against Gov. Scott Walker and five other Republicans. 
The decision of the retired judges who sit on the state Government Accountability Board means that all six of the races will have a May 8 primary election and a general recall election on June 5. 
The GAB agreed with the recommendation of its staff, which was released in a Monday memo, that elections officials did not have the legal authority to keep the six fake Democrats, or "protest candidates," from the ballot because state law doesn't require people to prove they belong to any political party before running for office."
Only in Michigan folks the actions of Bauer and McGuiness are huge crimes, seriously...

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson thought the acts of Bauer and McGuinness threaten Michiganders rights to 'fair and safe elections' so much, she decided to make it harder for Michigan residents to vote. Also, its' totally random that Johnson, before being elected as Secretary of State, was the Elections Clerk of Oakland County where Bauer and McGuiness committed downright criminal acts of faking 'Tea Party' membership. 

From 'Right Michigan' blogger, J. Gillman on January 11, 2012:
"An investigation into the names by then-Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson revealed that some of the candidates were not aware that the fake Tea Party had nominated them, signatures were forged and at least one no longer lived in Michigan."
Oh, the shame and ironic luck, right?.

Which is were we turn to RT News Political Pundit, best selling author and host of 'The Thom Hartmann Show', Thom Hartmann to cover stories that MSNBC totally miss. Hartmann's interview with Susan K. Smith, President of the League of Women Voters-Michigan, should send chills down any Michigander spine.

From 'The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann' program on RT News April 19, 2012

Michigan Republican Party efforts to disfranchise voters from participating in Tuesday, November 6th election won't stop at Detroit's Consent Agreement impacting City Clerk Janice Winfrey's efforts to run a safe, fair and accurate election. Instead, this train to stop Michiganders from voting is coming straight into suburbia location near you. Or, your town itself.

Michigan's one-sided, unchecked and balanced Republican controlled, brought and ALEC paid for government in our State's Legislative and Executive branches is beautiful isn't it? Not so much!

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