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Friday, April 20, 2012

On The Record-With Gov. Snyder's Communications Director Geralyn Lasher

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ROJS News Exclusive

This is a recording of ROJS Media. ROJS Media is a affiliate of ROJS News and ROJS Radio. The following sound footage is from ROJS Media Citizen Journalist and Co-Host of ROJS Radio Autumn S. 

On Monday, Detroit Free Press Journalist Rochelle Riley presented in a article that the Detroit Department of Elections and its' Clerk Janice Winfrey could be in danger of canceling the Tuesday, November 6, 2012 General Election due to proposed across the board budgetary cuts of 25%. 

After agreeing to Michigan Governor's Rick Snyder's Consent agreement, the city is left with limited options but to concede to Gov. Snyder's fiscal demand or receive a Emergency Manager under Michigan's high controversial Public Act #4 statue. ROJS Media was able to obtain a response on this critical situation which could impact Detroiters' right to vote from Governor Snyder's Director of Communications Geralyn Lasher. 

Below are the two questions presented to Governor Rick Snyder's Office of Communications  from ROJS Media Citizen Journalist Autumn S:
"With the City of Detroit facing budget cuts that would directly effect the City's ability to run the upcoming 2012 Presidential election and the possibility that they may not have enough money to run the election, what are Gov. Snyder's thoughts about the possibility of over 500,000 people in the City of Detroit not being able to vote? Also, if the budget cuts do take effect what does Gov. Snyder plan to do to make sure that every registered voter in the City of Detroit who wishes to vote is able to?" 
"Since it has been determined that the City of Detroit is struggling financially, so much so it may directly impact the upcoming election, how can Gov. Snyder come up with enough money to devote to paying the proposed Chief Financial Officer and Program Management Director for the City of Detroit, whose combined salaries could reach over $500,000? Would Gov. Snyder try to devote enough funds to make sure that the people of Detroit can vote in the 2012 election?"
Listen to this preview of a statement given Exclusively to ROJS Radio by Gov. Snyder's Director of Communications, Geralyn Lasher. Tune in to ROJS Radio on Saturday, April 21st at from 11AM to 1PM EDT to listen to the FULL Statement.

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