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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Next stop for the Constitutional Referendum drive to repeal Public Act #4, Michigan Board of Canvassers

Seal of Michigan Secretary of State
Seal of Michigan Secretary of State (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michigan's Bureau of Elections has verified 203,328 signatures for a possible  Constitutional Referendum vote to repeal Michigan Controversial Statue, Public Act #4.

The next step is on April 26, 2012, where the Michigan Board of Canvassers will CERTIFY if a election can take place to ratify or remove the statue.

ROJS News will be present at the State Board of Canvassers meeting @10:00 AM EDT in Lansing, Michigan on Thursday, April 26, 2012, and forward decision as it happens, on this website. Additional ROJS News readers can listen to the meeting in its' entirely on ROJS Media's podcast site.  

In late April 2011, Michigan Forward -a non-profit group- launched a Constitutional Referendum drive set to cease further actions on Public Act #4. The itself act allows for Gov. Rick Snyder (R), with the assistance of state treasurer Andy Dillon (D), to appoint a individual or corporation into the title of 'Emergency Manager' granting a unilateral authority to run a public school board district, city, township, village or county. 

Since March 16, 2011, the date Gov. Rick Snyder signed Public Act #4 into law, 'Emergency Managers' or  (E.M.) had ad-hoc rights to sell public lands/works to private industries, eliminate elected public officials duties, control all aspects of public finances and more. 

Presently Pontiac, Michigan, the second city to receive a P.A.#4 based Emergency Manager in 2011, has E.M. Louis Schimmel-former scholar with the Republican/ALEC funded Mackinaw Center for Public Policy -in charge. Currently, Pontiac's Governmental Website no longer exist.

All Emergency Managers strictly operate under the authority of Gov. Rick Snyder and State Treasurer Andy Dillon (D).

ROJS News was the only Exclusive Michigan blogging source in the state, present when registered voters signatures was turned to place a Constitutional Referendum on the ballot to overturn Michigan controversial legistation Public Act #4, known as the Emergency Manager Law at Lansing's Bureau of Elections Department
"This is what Democracy looks like," Jessup stated. We'll march these petitions to the Secretary of State Building beginning the states of overturning Public Act #4," Jessup told supporters.
Bureau of Elections spokesman Fred Woodhams, told ROJS News in February 2012 that the office would take up to 60 days to verify signatures.
"Once the signatures are verified, the petitions will go before the State Board of Canvassers panel to verify if a referendum petition vote would be placed on the November 6th general election ballot," Woodhams stated.
A 'challenge test' on behalf of groups or individuals who seek to keep Public Act #4 as state law, can take place up to 10 days after the Michigan Bureau of Elections verifies the finalized referendum petition signature count.

A minimum of 161,305 validated signatures, and affirmation by the State Board of Canvassers is required before Michigan's registered voters can decide to keep or repeal Public Act #4 during the General Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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