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Monday, April 2, 2012

George Zimmerman 'kid glove' treatment after Trayvon Martin shooting, connected to family's 'Intelligence' connection?

George Zimmerman, shooter of 17-year-old
Trayvon Martin was treated with
'kid-gloves' by Sanford's
Police Department.
ROJS News Exclusive

Updated 4/2 @ 2:10 PM EST-
The New York Times has verified a Military Intelligence connection for George Zimmerman's grandfather. 

From the New York Times article:
"He, too, was from someplace else — the second of three children raised in a red-brick home in a cul-de-sac in Manassas, Va. His father, Robert, was a magistrate judge and a veteran of the Vietnam War, and Robert’s father worked in Army intelligence.
George Zimmerman's 'kid-glove treatment' service from the Sanford Police Department after he shot 17-year old Trayvon Martin to death, now has a new twist.

The 'light' treatment of Florida George Zimmerman by Sanford Police Department, so-called personal friends and Florida officials right up to the state's Attorney General office rightfully raised questions on why the shooter in Martin's untimely death, was quickly released from custody.

Other suspects in a similar crimes would be in jail, or out on bond awaiting criminal trial proceedings. So 
why was George Zimmerman given a free pass after many documented times he was on the wrong side of the law

A simple Google Search reveals some possible answer to this growing mystery. A June 10, 1991 interview with Robert Walter Zimmerman might hold a clue. In the conversation, R.W. Zimmermann George's grandfather, joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1947 after completing his studies at Ivy League educational institution Harvard University. Before the end of Robert W. Zimmerman foreign service career, he worked for the CIA.

R.W. Zimmermann was working for Intelligence in Virginia after his retirement from foreign service diplomacy. George Zimmermann's grandfather diplomatic career allotted travel to many international locations, ending his service as Consulate General in Barcelona.

Here are some insights on George Zimmerman Latino heritage with his traditional Jewish associated last name. Grandfather Robert W. Zimmerman married a Peruvian woman named Silvia Brull. The rest of G. Zimmerman's family ancestral background include his mother Gladys, who was also born in Peru. 

Robert J. Zimmerman, George's father and former Judge, born in June 1947, refused to show his face on TV in a recent interview in defense of his son actions the night of February 26th. The grandfather's obituary in The Washington Post 3/8/1999 linked on Democratic Underground cites Robert J. as from 'Chicago and Barcelona'. 

Remember the saying, 'Having friends in high places can fix anything?" Let's hope in George Zimmerman's case this metaphor doesn't turn out to be true for Trayvon Martin's grieving parents, rightfully fighting for justice in their son death.

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