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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thirty-Two sponsors and big box retailer JCPenney's join on the #BoycottRush train

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Rush Limbaugh is losing sponsorship's for his show in record breaking fashion.

Ed Schultz's Radio Show Facebook
page, via The Think Progress Website has reported that large big box retailer JCPenney's is the latest sponsor to confirm they are no longer advertising on "The Rush Limbaugh Show".

"On a Facebook posting, the clothing retailer JCPenney announced that it will ensure that its advertisements do not appear on the Rush Limbaugh radio show: “We have a strict ‘No Run’ policy in place specifically regarding The Rush Limbaugh Show.

After JCPenney's confirms the facts, we will contact any local radio station that is in violation of our radio advertising parameters to ensure that our ‘No Run’ policy is adhered to regarding this program.” According to a ThinkProgress running #BoycottRush tally count, 
at least 33 companies have dropped Rush."
Read JCPenney's statement in its' entirely at their Facebook Page, on this link.

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ROJS Media, via ROJS News and ROJS Radio jumped on board to lobbying our social media networks and on websites of companies to #BoycottRush.

Additionally, we have requested readers to contact the Federal Communication Commission to complain about Limbaugh's vile, indecent and vulgar language about Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke's testimony before a Democratic Congressional Committee on oral conception, February 23rd.

ROJS Radio with Hosts Monica RW & Autumn S will devote two hours of our Featured Blog Talk Radio Michigan & National Political Talk program for discussion of the #BoycottRush successful social media campaign.

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