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Friday, March 30, 2012

Paleo Radio host Jeremiah Bannister talks politics on ROJS Radio LIVE 3/31

Photo Credit-Jeremiah Bannister
Paleo Radio host Jeremiah Bannister
stops by ROJS Radio Nationwide LIVE
Political show on 3/31 @ 12:15 PM.
Talk show host Jeremiah Bannister of West Michigan based Paleo Radio stops by for a roundtable discussion of Politics on ROJS Radio-Nationwide LIVE Political Talk  Show Saturday, March 31st @ 12:15 PM.

PaleoRadio is a global talk radio show that takes an unique approach to politics, religion and culture – an approach that transcends divisiveness, offering both criticism and praise in a “transpartisan” manner, speaking truth to power, treating everyone with respect.
Photo Credit-Paleo Radio

Listen into this show to learn truth, without the spin the state of Politics not only in Michigan, but coast to coast, as ROJS co-hosts Monica RW & Autumn S. engage in a frank, open and honest discussion with Jeremiah.

ROJS Radio is a groundbreaking NATIONWIDE LIVE Political Talk Radio podcast based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan covering Michigan and National Politics, job search, breaking news, unemployment and more. Connect with ROJS Radio, officially Podcast on I-Tunes for listening in on your I-Pad, I-Pod or other Apple device here.

Photo Credit-ROJS Media
Host Monica R-W is an owner/writer for the popular ROJS News website, an experienced grassroots and elected local political leade and Co-Host Autumn S. is a Michigan political and LGBT activist. Both Monica RW & Autumn S. brings their research Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

Tune into our LIVE NATIONWIDE podcast weekend on Saturday and Sunday’s from 11:00 AM-1:00PM with your robust opinions at 347-934-0185, join us on Twitter @rojsnews.

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