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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Video) Joe Oliver, alleged 'paid spokesperson' for George Zimmerman, exposed on Lawrence O' Donnell's program

Photo Credit-Google Images
In a interview on MSNBC 'The Last Word'
program 3/26, Joe Oliver (above) reveals
he terminated his employment to speak
out for Trayvon Martin's shooter
George Zimmerman.
Update-March 28th @ 3:17 AM: Joe Oliver, former anchor for CNN, LinkedIn profile states that one of Mr. Oliver's talents include being a "public speaker".

Creative writing, audio and video production, public speaker, marketing planner..."
On MSNBC's program "The Last Word with Lawrence O' Donnell" this evening, Joe Oliver -a mixed race African-American and self-declared 'friend' of George Zimmerman, shooter of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was exposed as a possible "paid spokesperson" for Zimmerman's legal team.

Oliver, who was previously an anchor-personally for CNN, did his one of his many "interviews" standing up for Zimmerman's character with Soledad O' Brien, who didn't expose Oliver's former relationship with the network in the interview.

In what can best be described as a cross-examination by O' Donnell, MSNBC Jonathan Capehart and New York Times reporter Charles Blow, Oliver admitted to having a causal friendship and knowing of Zimmerman by a 'working relationship', but yet claimed he (Oliver) attended 'family functions' with Zimmerman over the past seven years. Oliver also stated that he had no discussions with Zimmerman regarding the 46 times over the past two years, he called 911 while performing his 'Neighborhood Watch Captain' role.

ROJS News or any other national media resource have not established a 'family' type of relationship between Oliver and Martin's shooter, George Zimmerman; neither did Joe Oliver before his interview on Lawrence O' Donnell's program March 27th.

Also revealed on 'The Last Word' program was that Oliver, a former news anchor, has quit working preferring to be a full-time media spokesperson on behalf of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, in hiding, so far has refused any media interviews.

View the entire Joe Oliver interview with O' Donnell below


Joe Oliver on CNN in 1993

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