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Monday, February 27, 2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker' campaign decides against challenging recall signatures

English: Scott Walker, 45th Governor of Wisconsin
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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)
Campaign will not challenge over 1 million
signatures collect for a recall vote against him.

Wisconsin conservative support groups accused activist organizations that submitted over 1 million signatures, of having "Mickey Mouse" sign the petition see a recall vote placed again Gov. Scott Walker (R).

But in a ironic twist, Gov. Walker campaign has decided not challenge any of the signatures filed, as his spokeswoman cited they didn't have enough time to review the more than 150,000 pages filed seeking his recall.

Walker faced a deadline today to file challenges after a Dane County, Wisconsin judge granted him a 20-day extension beyond the 10 days allotted under state law.

Walker sought an additional two weeks but, was turned down. Making excuses for not aligning to the signature challenge time-frame allowed by Wisconsin election recall law, Walker campaign spokeswoman stated the deadline was "impossible" to meet. 

"We faced an impossible timeline," said Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews to the WisPolitics Election Blog.
The blog noted Matthews declined comment when asked if the campaign would appeal the ruling denying additional time beyond the original extension.

She said the campaign will rely on Wisconsin's Governmental Accountability Board to strike fraudulent signatures instead of filing any challenges.

Matthews disputed the time recall organizers has to collect signatures, 60 days, versus the Walker campaign time to review them.
"It obviously takes more time to verify signatures than it does to collect them," she said to WisPolitics Election Blog.
In a response to Matthews accusations, Wisconsin State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate noted that the Walker campaign had raised millions of dollars and amassed thousands of volunteers review the signatures in a time-frame three times longer than allowed under state law.
"It's bordering on the absurd," Tate said of the campaign's statement in a conference call with reporters. He added that the campaign's decision reflects that "they can't give us one example of a fraudulent signature."
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