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Monday, February 6, 2012

Public Act #4 closed 'Financial Review Team' meetings, stuck down by Ingham County Judge

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Supporters of the Referendum drive against statues contained within Michigan's Public Act #4, won a victory today in a Ingham County Court room on February 6th, with Judge William Collette.

Using provisions contained in Michigan's Public Act #276, " Open Meetings Act of 1976", Judge Collette ruled, do apply to previously closed "Financial Review Team" meetings on whether to appoint a Emergency Manager to a city, township, or county.

The lawsuit was filed by Highland Park Public School Board and AFSCME Council 25 Member, Robert Davis.

Judge Collette said the emergency review team appointed to examine the Detroit finances is a public body under Michigan’s Open Meetings Act.  He the ruling, the Judge issued a restraining order prohibiting the board from holding any private deliberations.

A lawyer representing State Treasurer Andy Dillon and Gov. Rick Snyder (R) stated during the court hearing, they would appeal the ruling.

"Under Public Act 4 the meetings that we hold are confidential and we're not subject to the Open Meetings Act," he said Jan. 10th, during the public introduction Detroit's review board", State Treasurer Andy Dillon stated during a introduction meeting of Detroit 'Financial Review Team' in January.
Detroit's "Financial Review Team" operating under Public Act #4 is expected to make its recommendation by the end of this month. Dates and places on when the "Team" has met previously to the hearing, wasn't clear at the end of today's legal proceeding or if they been meeting at all.

The Snyder administration stand is that review team is advisory board and therefore not a public body and shouldn't be subject to the Open Meetings Act, even-though such teams recommend actions that impact local governmental units fiscal operations.

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