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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Explanations, Apologizes and Moving Forward-Lessons Learned from My Break

ROJS News Reflections

One thing that I've been noted for is my honest nature. I stand on that principal as my late Father always recited, as by doing so, is the best policy. With that, I will open a bit of my personal challenges prior to engaging on this "personal blogging break".  

My health has taken third place lately. Less just say, sleep and rest wise, I wasn't getting much. Regular meals for basic nutritional needs became a afterthought.

My online activities prevailed over daily life events. This method of personal operations was unsustainable and, my need to step-back for proper reflections became paramount. 

The past two years, I dedicated my life to the issues that faced Michiganders. So much, that I negated financial, health and family obligations. Now, by stating this, I'm not asking nor requesting sympathy but instead, just stating the facts.

Reflections-What’s Important and Prioritization

One of the best things I have done for Monica lately is to determine what's important to my life. Recently blessed with a unique opportunity to complete my Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership at Cleary University as Graduate Assistant, a sincere dedication to completing the program will be my number one focus.

Unless I’m healthy, in  physical, emotional and personal being; my chances of finishing task number one—obtaining a Master’s Degree in the next year and one-half--can’t occur. Eating on a regular basis, resting a minimum number of hours a night, making time for recreation activities not tied to Facebook and creating time for self-evaluation periods has to be done.

Before my break I learned a number of life lessons that I’ll like to briefly detail to those who read this note. If the public-at-large appreciate my written over the past two years, by sharing this, I hope those supporters will further understand why I needed to take this break.

Dodging Daggers, Jumping Over Hurdles-Landing Feet First

Thru increased exposure of ROJS News & ROJS Radio, I started learning information about others making numerous attempts to discredit my work, given out of sincere dedication. This was shocking indeed, considering I received little-to-any monetary compensation for the work. 

Prior to these events, I firmly believed that invisible daggers were thrown in the direction of ones' receiving financial gains, others believed they should obtain instead. Little did I know just a small bit of name recognition could cause these actions to occur to me personally, in live and living color.

Finding out these measures added stress, as many questions formed in my head, beginning all the word, Why? One of the final straws was when a heart-felt article, vamped into “hit-piece” against an individual I admired as a true solider in the fight to return Democracy in Michigan. This was the straw that broke “the camel’s” back, so to speak.

To briefly reflect back on the events of this day: A factual article about merits, turned into questionable piece wrongly focused on the ethnic make-ups of individuals in groups involved in a legal, and I would say moral disagreement. This action incorrectly diverted attention away from a series of valid points in article, into the forethoughts of readers, which was never my intent.

Questions arose if professional contacts I gained by work and efforts over two years; were being used for vicarious reasons or just to damage my personal reputation. The way these events transpired, cut deep against my moral and ethical core.

Another point I want to make clear. I’ve been very honored, blessed and impressed to work with Autumn Smith on the ROJS Radio show and ROJS News. Autumn has engaged in her fight to return true Democracy in Michigan, at personal costs. I genuinely admire Autumn’s sincere dedication to this cause.

Prior to the break, I strongly believe others strived to dismantle our professional partnership, for dubious intensions. I consider Autumn to be a friend first and partner second, that adds important quality, ability and professional talent to ROJS Radio and ROJS News.

I value Autumn’s opinions and admire her keen understanding of issues impacting middle, working and lower class Michiganders. For these “individuals” making vain attempts to place a rift in our professional partnership….you failed.

ROJS News and ROJS Radio Continues-New Formats....Same Focus!

As Editor and Chief Writer of ROJS News, I will contribute articles three times a week starting again on Thursday, February 23nd. ROJS News will continue to open our resource to guest writers who would like to share their views on Michigan and/or National Politics, for the newest content can be share on a regular basis.

If a personal interest exists to write content for ROJS News, feel free to forward a “Letter of Introduction” to ROJS News would be honored to add you to our team!

ROJS Radio will temporary change our podcast format starting March 1, 2012. Our Saturday/Sunday live podcast from 11AM-1PM, will change to a LIVE broadcast on Sunday’s from 3:00PM-5:00PM-EST.

Co-Host Autumn S. will podcast ROJS Radio LIVE Weekday episode on Wednesday’s 6:00-7:30 PM EST, beginning March 7, 2012. We’ll keep our dedicated listeners update on when ROJS Radio will return to regular Saturday/Sunday programming. 

ROJS Radio Livestream began airing starting Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 6:00 PM EST. Bookmark the date and join ROJS Radio Co-Host Autumn S for interactive live video event, aired during ROJS Radio LIVE Weekday programming!

ROJS News and ROJS Radio are actively seeking sponsors and/or advertisers to support both ventures. Revenue to sustain the website, podcast platform, properly compensate quality guest writers and maintain business operations is required.

Our hope is that supporters of ROJS News & ROJS Radio will understand, respect and appreciate our efforts. For small businesses, non-profit or other operations, affordable advertising and sponsorship packages are available. Contact Monica or Autumn today at to receive our Media Kit information

Thank you for your continuing support of ROJS News & ROJS Radio! 

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