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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Andrew Tomlinson, Writer and Director of "The Saga of Larry Tunner" to appear on ROJS Radio, Sat. March 3rd

Here is a sneak peak at one of our upcoming guests on ROJS Radio. On Saturday, March 3rd, ROJS Radio welcomes Andrew Tomlinson, who is the writer and creator of the indie film project titled, "The Saga of Larry Tunner"

Tomlinson, is hoping to raise enough funds to complete this wonderful film project in time for it to be released before the 2012 Presidential Election. The fictional film is about Larry Tunner, a working class guy who is down on his luck after the plant closed. 

Photo Credit-Andrew Tomlinson
He eventually ends up winning the lottery and realizes with newly gained wealth, he can really do anything. So he decides to run for President of the United States. Larry being the working class guy he is, ends up turning the political establishment upside down when he actually gives a voice to the American people, the 99%.

Although the movies is about a fictional character, many of the issues that are addressed are very real. The movie deals with current issues such as the corporate power that is ruling government, the 99%er's and the Occupy movement.

This film project is not yet completed and the writer, director and production staff are asking for your help, to help them complete this film as it could have a major impact going in to the 2012 election. Please visit the kickstarter fundraising page and be sure to tune in on Saturday, March 3rd at 11am as we welcome Andrew Tomlinson, Writer,Director and Creator of this wonderful film project.

Please visit for more information. Andrew is also welcoming people to contact him directly for more information on this project. His email contact is

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