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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Reasons You Should Consider Graduate School

Deciding whether going back to school is worthwhile can sometimes be a tough decision to make. There might be various aspects you need to consider: family, work and other responsibilities. But taking the step to pursue a graduate degree could prove useful, and thoroughly weighing the pros and cons can be beneficial to your career goals. Here are some considerations to make as you lay out you’re the advantages and, possibly, disadvantages of returning to school.

Your career has stagnated

You may have found that you’ve reached a point in your careers where there is nowhere else to go without another degree. If there are promotions at your company that you’d like to be considered for but are being overlooked, you might check into pursuing further education. Credentials usually play a role in a hiring manager’s decision to make promotions. An advanced degree like and MBA might give you the added edge you need the next time you apply for a promotion.

You love to learn

The desire to return to school doesn’t have to come from a career goal. Maybe you simply love to learn. Instead of exploring on your own without a clear goal in mind, why not focus your desire to learn into a new degree? Your aspiration to learn more will satisfy both your need to gain more education for your career and your desire to be a well-rounded person.

You need a new skill

If you’re ready to branch into a new line of work or you simply don’t have the skills you need to land a position in your current field of interest, a degree may be able to help. When you go to graduate school, you will work on many projects and interact with technology, and all of those skills can help you in future job searches.

Your job search is a victim of the economy

The current economy has been exceptionally hard on job seekers. Some choose to go back to school or pursue an online master degreeto earn credentials they hope will give them an edge in the job market. If you are finding your job search to be a victim of the current economy, this may be a viable option. If you are going to go back to school to boost your chances of landing a position in this economy, make sure to do your research. Research which jobs your new degree could qualify you for, and choose a degree with promising job prospects. While no degree will guarantee you a job, some degrees open the field wider than others.

Your professional development goals

Have you taken the time to outline your goals for professional development? If the training you need isn’t available through seminars and on-the-job training opportunities, then returning to school can be a valuable way to attain it, while also gaining a degree to add to your resume. As you consider this reason, make sure to choose a course of study that will give you more than just a degree on a piece of paper. You need one that offers provable skills and benefits for your current or future line of work. Graduate school is not a magic solution to your job search or career advancement woes, but it is a good way to put yourself ahead in the competition to land new positions. If you are struggling to find work in this sluggish economy, need to gain new skills and have a passion for learning, then consider hitting the books again and going back to school.

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