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Saturday, January 14, 2012

(Video) Wisconsin Solidarity Signers send message to Michiganders with song 'We Shall Overcome'

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Have you heard about the Wisconsin Solidarity singers?

Photo Credit-Bruce Fealk
Wisconsin Solidarity Singers
send message in song to
Michigan residents.
If not, editor of the Rochester Citizen- Bruce Fealk & Spokesman for Michigan Rising first shared this information about this group of Wisconsinites, on his visit to ROJS Radio December 17th.

The Wisconsin Solidarity singers have been meeting each Friday at Noon in front of the Madison, Wisconsin Capital building, since the nationwide fight for Democracy started its' ground-roots in the state against Gov. Scott Walker (R) in early 2011.

These well-tuned singers sent a joyful chorus over to the East, across Lake Michigan, for residents taking part in the upcoming Occupy for Democracy Protest on January 16th @ 4:00 PM, Occupy the State of the State Protest-Michigan on January 18th @ 6:30 PM and state residents who disagree with the policies Gov. Rick Snyder has singed into law, since taking office January 1, 2011.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King's upcoming birthday celebration on January 16th, enjoy the entire song of "We Shall Overcome" by the Wisconsin Solidarity Singers recorded on Friday, January 13th and, especially the last verse.

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