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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday Bloody Super Bowl Sunday

ROJS News Guest Post
By ROJS Radio Co-Host Autumn S.
via Steal this Government

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Super Bowl Sunday. An American made 'holiday' if you will. People who don't normally watch football usually give in to this american tradition. Pizza, beer, chips and friendly bets are aplenty. Its one day where we can kick back, relax have fun and put our political beliefs aside....

Or can we???

According to Think Progress, viewers in 40 cities across America will be subject to ac commercial containing  graphic images of bloody aborted fetuses surrounded by religious icons and figures. This commercial is being put on by Democratic Presidential Candidate Terry Randall or (Randall Terry), who has been arrested 50 times for his anti-abortion stance.

Regardless if you are pro-choice, anti-choice, pro-life or whatever this is America and politics are bound to rear its ugly head even on Super Bowl Sunday. I am not sure exactly what this man is hoping to accomplish by running these commercials. He obviously chose a time that would have the largest viewing audience maybe in hopes to sway people to vote for him, but regardless his intentions you have to keep a few things in mind.

1. Abortion is a hot-button issue. Most people stand firm in their beliefs and views about abortion. I highly doubt any rational human being is going to be quick to do a 180 on their beliefs, morals and values based on a political ad they saw by a unknown Presidential candidate's commercial during the Super Bowl.
Sunday Bloody Sunday
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2. Pro-choice people who are secure with their beliefs will be quick to see this as a desperate attempt to get name recognition on the biggest television stage on earth. Also, most of them are smart enough to recognize propaganda when they see it as it has been constantly shoved down their throats from far right groups such as Focus on the Family, Pro-Life Action Leauge and their "Face the Truth" tours.

3. This is America, where we have free speech. No mater if you agree or disagree with the message, they way they choose to display it or the mediums in which they do, we need to respect that just as we have the right to free speech, so do other groups whose message we may oppose. Their freedom is our freedom, the only way we can keep our rights to to allow everyone to partake in them.

Happy Sunday Bloody Sunday....

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