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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ROJS Radio round-up; upcoming appearances Nicole Sandler 1/14 @ 11:00 AM EST, Cleveland Chandler 1/15 @ 11:15AM EST

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ROJS Radio, a groundbreaking political weekend based podcast on the Blog Talk Radio network, was pleased to featured guests Steward Steinberg spokesman of the campaign to Recall Michigan State Senator Phil Pavlov (R-25th District) and Detroit Rainbow Push Leader Rev. D. Alexander Bullock on our Sunday, January 8, 2012 program.

Mr. Steinberg outlined why the group seeks to be successful in its effort to recall Michigan's Elected Official in last than a year. Former state Representative Paul Scott (R) was removed from office on November 3, 2011, after a recall election vote. Scott was the first state elected representative in the Michigan House or Senate, recalled out of office since 1983.

On the first half of our show, Mr. Steinberg described why the organization started their efforts to remove the state Senator.
"What Pavlov done, he's only promoted measures that's been against the Michigan Constitution. Does that justify recall? Well, I would think so. If we hold that the Constitution is a body of laws that reflect the will of the people, then I happen to think that he should be recalled," Mr. Steinberg stated. 
"The recall isn't just about we're not happy with this official. The official has to done something that we feel metrics their immediate removal. With Pavlov there are two areas were the recall (effort) points too, that we can look at, that Pavlov has shown himself to be a destructive force in Government." 
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Mr. Steinberg highlighted two reasons in line with Michigan Constitutional statues, they believe state Senator Pavlov has violated.
"One, is his obnoxious support of the Emergency Manager Law, Public Act #4. This is a man who immediately while signatures are being collected, in order to do a end run around that, he put forward a proposal at the end of last year to change the Emergency Manager Law; so that all of those signatures would have to be resubmitted or regathered.  
The second reason we're trying to get rid of Pavlov, is obviously his position on education. This man has put together bills to privatize education, to turn education over to corporations, to make it impossible for teacher to perform up to his expectations. Specifically, what I mean is they keep raising this expectation for standardized testing while at the same time cutting resources for teachers to meet these expectations. 
The harm he has done for children throughout the state, is compelling arguments to take him down."
Listen to Mr. Steinberg entire interview on ROJS Radio at this link.

During the second half of the podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Detroit Rainbow Push Leader, Rev. D. Alexander Bullock.
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Rev. Bullock detailed information about a upcoming Occupy for Democracy March on January 16, 2011 at 4:30 PM, that will stage a peaceful protest to Gov. Rick Snyder home location, from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
"We are mobilizing for the massive march on January 16th at 4:00 PM to Gov. Snyder's home. We will meet at 4800 W. Huron River Drive. And then we will be marching from there to Geddes Road, from Geddes Road to Valley View Drive, were we will rally and deliver a letter to Gov. Snyder."
Rev. Bullock notes that Michigan Emergency Manager law threaten to undermined voting rights for both people of color and their elected officials in communities across the state. He compared Public Act #4 to a rolling back voting rights decades, similar to during the civil rights movements of the 1950's and 1960's.
"Michigan is really becoming the national and international spotlight for the fight over voting rights in states. Of course in Southern states, they have voter ID laws that are restricting voting in interesting ways. Restricting early voting and such. But, Michigan is the only state right now that has a law, which makes the vote null and void. I mean our vote doesn't count. 
And if Detroit gets a Emergency Manager, 40% of the African-American community in the state of Michigan will be under a Emergency Manager. 75% of the elected public officials who are African-American will basically have no public service role.  
We're talking about rolling back to the clock. Lynching Liberty, as I like to say. Demanding Democracy. Michigan becomes the new Mississippi. We'll gone from Wallace in Alabama to Snyder in Michigan. We must fight back."
Detroit's Rainbow Push leader noted although the ramifications of Detroit receiving a Emergency Manager would result in a large percentage of the African-American community under state control; this fight is also about Democracy for all communities in the spirit of the late Dr. Martin Luther King.
Photo Credit-Occupy for Democracy
"It's not a Black issue, of course it has racial indications. This is a Democracy issue. Emergency Manager can also take over Clerk offices. I do believe this is a strategy, a part of a national strategy, to steal the election from President Barack Obama. 

We can't kind of stand by, not only because Dr. King and others fought for the right to vote, died too young and march for the right to vote but, but we also can't stand by because our future depends on making sure we have Democratic rights and can exercise them by the power of our communities."
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Progressive Radio Show Host
Nicole Sandler of Ready or Not
Listen to the entire interview with Detroit Rainbow Push Leader Rev. D. Alexander Bullock, at this link.

ROJS Radio Political Talk weekend guests for Saturday, January 14th @11:00AM EST will feature Progressive National Radio Host Nicole Sandler of the "Ready or Not" program.

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Washtenaw Cty. Democratic Party
Chair-Cleveland Chandler (L) & County
Clerk Catherine McCarthy (R).
On, Sunday January 15th, Washtenaw County Democratic Party Chairman Cleveland Chandler will visit the program at 11:15 AM to talk about Election 2012 activities.

Listeners can call into the show with their thoughts and opinions during the program by contacting 347-934-0185, on Saturday's & Sunday's mornings between 11AM- 1PM EST. Additionally, they can participate in our ROJS Livestream Channel chat during our podcast at the following link.

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