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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Op/Ed-Unanswered questions remain about 2011's effort to recall Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder

ROJS News Op/Ed
Dissenting options and the right to ask questions are paramount principles in which our great country was founded upon. When we allow for others to shun dissenters into the darkness in a effort to "follow the flow", a true examination of facts never arises.
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Above is my quote, Monica Ross-Williams, ROJS News/ROJS Radio/ROJS Media, LLC Owner and Co-Host of the Blog Talk Radio Featured Podcast ROJS Podcast along with fellow Co-Host, Autumn. S.
A special person in life said many times, "Monica, you ask too many questions." Thinking about a quick reply, I stated, "Dad, if you don't ask questions how will anyone ever find the truth?" RIP, Daddy.
Usually, our articles at ROJS News, normally make of point of not objecting our personal views on subjects we write about on the web. That is, unless the article is titled Op/Ed. Please allow us a opportunity openly discuss our opinion on internet browser, viewing this piece.

On Sunday, January 15th, our podcast arm ROJS Radio presented a story in regards to an article placed on a online publication named DisputeThis.Org, by the former 'The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder'  (CTRRS)Treasurer Gail Schmidt. Within the piece, Ms. Schmidt raised allegations why the former recall campaign against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder failed. There are additional allegations about why the Recall Gov. Snyder campaign failed on the site.

Like thousands of Michiganders, we openly pondered the same. Reviewing Gov. Rick Snyder's overall job performance ratings, it appears the a strong majority of Michigan voting populous aren't happy with the Governor's style of leadership.

Still the campaign failed. Members of the public who in good faith, signed recall petitions. Questions remain on, if Gov. Snyder should stay in office until the end of his term, December 31, 2014. Many wondered what happened with CTRRS 2011 effort. Why their signatures' didn't allow for an ultimate goal: A ballot question on Gov. Snyder continued tenure.

As a Executive Board Member of small but proud neighborhood (501.c.3) non-profit association, my professional experience alerted Ms. Schmidt allegations deserved their light before members of the public. For full disclosure in this Opinion/Editorial article, I currently serve as a (Local) Governmental Advisory Board Member of this Non-Profit Association,  after being appointed to elected Township Commission role position.

Anytime a Treasurer of any formalized organization, whether its' a Political Action Committee, Non-Profit or Corporate Organization, raises a charge of inappropriate internal operations; they should be immediately examined, debriefed and addressed.

Our ROJS Radio program Sunday, January 15th, was provided as a platform for open discussion of all sides of the dispute. One of the officers of the now newly named re-organization of CTRRS, Michigan Rising's Marion Townsend was offered a two opportunities to address Ms. Schmidt's allegations either on the program or by issuing a official press release. She refused.

Ms. Townsend had appeared on ROJS Radio July 14, 2011 to detail intentions of extending Gov. Snyder's recall campaign. We interviewed her exclusively at ROJS News in former CTRRS Chairperson Tim Kramer removal on July 26th and, about revamping efforts of CTRRS on September 28th. All of these interviews took place prior to Ms. Schmidt's allegations.

Tim Kramer provided a Exclusive interview to ROJS Radio about Ms. Townsend/CTRRS allegations against him on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

On the side of Journalistic/Blogging Fairness, we will link our ROJS Radio Program titled "Special Show-Truth or Lie Recall Gov. Snyder Allegations" and the A2Politico article 
the counter-article titled "Michigan Rising: Aiming to Recall Snyder—While Disgruntled Former Volunteers Target Michigan Rising".

Questions remain on a future campaign to recall Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder moves from here. Should the same individuals Ms. Schmidt alleges, who led to a disorganized failed first attempt, lead another effort for removing the Governor?

Instead, would they better serve all registered voting citizens of Michigan regardless of party affiliation who desire the Governor recalled; by removing themselves from a core organizational roles, into non-leadership positions, with new faces heading the effort?

Point to acknowledge. Governor Rick Snyder has two years and eleven months remaining on this elected term in office. In 2012, the Governor has a Republican controlled State House and Senate to format, draft, pass and forward -as they had in 2011- legislation which fails to fill needs of working, middle and lower class Michiganders.

With such, Michiganders don't have time or energy to view -from the sidelines- another flawed effort to recall Gov. Rick Snyder.

Another recall effort desperately requires untainted individuals heading the charge. Or focus should be placed on concrete strategies to overturn Michigan's State House of Representatives into Democratic Party control when results are tallied after the Tuesday, November 6, 2012 General Election.

Our last podcast radio program to address the call made in the above paragraph, will be scheduled in the next month. We'll keep our readers informed when this program is set to air.

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