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Friday, January 13, 2012

Michigan's GOP seek to confuse voters by casting ballots of Pres. Obama twice; eliminating November 2012 vote

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Remember back in 2011 when we warned our readers about the games Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson would play to stop fair Democratic victories at any cost? Well, it just got better, or worst depending which side of the hourglass one prefers.

The GOP party plan to have President Barack Obama's name on the Republican Presidential primary ballot on Tuesday, February 28th.

Only thing is if voters -who for the first time in Michigan's history have to declare a party and have their declaration subject to public view before voting- cast ballots for candidate Barack Obama; they might have nullified their Presidential vote for the November 2012 General Election.

From the Associated Press:

"Under current national and state Democratic rules, someone who votes for Obama in the primary is barred from voting in the caucus, where it really counts. Brewer plans to ask a state Democratic Party governing board to change the rule at its Feb. 4 meeting so Democrats aren't inadvertently disenfranchised if they vote in the primary. 
He had blistering words for Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, whom he said put Obama on the ballot even though the party chairman sent her a letter requesting that Obama's name be left off. 
"All she's done is create confusion," Brewer said. "This is clearly partisan mischief." 
Speaking of partisan mischief,  before some of Michigan voters elected Ruth Johnson into office, many of them had little to no idea of her Tea Party ties here and here.

Johnson's spokesperson Fred Woodhams stated that even-though President Obama is running for President again in 2012, the only way to remove him from the Republican primary ballot is if he requested to not run for President in Michigan. Confused? We are also.

"Johnson spokesman Fred Woodhams said Johnson was required by state law to put Obama's name on the ballot, and that only the Obama campaign could file an affidavit asking to have the president's name removed, not Brewer.
But the Democratic chairman said the law as it's written made it impossible for the president's campaign to comply," the Associated Press stated. 
The law, passed last fall by the GOP-controlled Legislature, says that a presidential candidate "may file an affidavit with the secretary of state specifically stating that '(candidate's name) is not a presidential candidate,' and the secretary of state shall not have that presidential candidate's name printed on a presidential primary ballot." 
"That would have no bearing on a candidate's ability to be on the November election ballot," Woodhams said. 
But Brewer said it didn't make sense for the Obama campaign to file a legal document stating Obama isn't a presidential candidate when he's clearly running. 
"He can't go around and file statements under oath that he is not a presidential candidate," the party chairman said, adding it would create problems for the Obama campaign around the country during the busy primary and caucus season. 
Brewer also is suspicious that the document could be used to keep the president off the November ballot in a state that could prove crucial to his re-election chances. 
"We don't trust their interpretation of the law that this will not affect his ballot status in November," Brewer said."
Talking about a game of shake and bake.

Remember, Ruth Johnson is the same Secretary of State that wants "Election Day Police" at voting booths across Michigan with her "Safe and Fair Elections Initiative".

"SOS Johnson's request for new state election laws include establishing an election crimes unit with an “Election Day response team” responding at polling locations to investigate on the spot, closing photo identification loopholes she believes exists and ensuring that candidates are representatives of the their stated party affiliation in primary and general elections."
So will voters confused by President Obama being on a Republican primary ballot be arrested in February 2012 or will Ruth Johnson just wait until November 2012 and nullify their vote, on the basis or so-called voter fraud? Especially since they have to declare a party just to get a ballot to vote for President now in Michigan.
"Michigan voters will have to declare a party preference to get a Republican or Democratic presidential primary ballot. GOP officials hope the requirement will discourage Democrats from crossing over to vote in the Republican primary," the Associated Press reported.
Wonder what privatized organization those Presidential 'voter rolls' are going to be sold too for the highest bidder? Scary thought, isn't it.

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