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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(Video) Michigan march to 'Snyderville' on MLK Day, to protest measures Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law

ROJS News Video of the Day

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Michigan residents march on
Geddes Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan
to Gov. Rick Snyder's front gate
at his Geddes Glen compound.
There's a difference between reporting a story or allowing the story to report itself. On Monday, January 16, 2011, over 2000 Michigan citizens all of races, ethnic backgrounds and creeds, walked together on Martin Luther King Day came together to march to Occupy for Democracy.

Known as the Great Lakes State, the protesters made up Michigan's middle class, working and lower class residents believe they have been under attack since January 1, 2011. The date is noteworthy because Governor Rick Snyder (R) took the oath of office, with a vow to serve the needs of all Michiganders.

The protesters unilaterally agreed that their individual needs aren't being served by legislation signed into law by the Republican controlled state House and Senate and then, signed into law by Gov. Snyder.

Measures signed into state law include removing funding from Michigan Public Schools systems, tax increases starting in 2013 that impacts poor, senior and middle class citizens of the state, removing cash assistance programs from single mothers, children, shifting of 'welfare programs to C & S corporations the form of in $1.8 Billion dollars worth of tax breaks, ending the domestic partners benefit and, Michigan's most Draconian law in its' history as a state, Public Act #4.

As explained on MSNBC program The Rachel Maddow Show last night, one of the worst parts in P.A. 4 is that it allows state government to remove elected officials from a community, including the Clerk of elections and replace them with a un-elected and appointed by Governor Snyder, a Emergency Manager.

At the present time, four Michigan cities with a high minority population Flint, Benton Harbor Pontiac, Ecorse Detroit and soon-to-be Highland Park Public School District has a Emergency Manager. In addition, the state largest city of Detroit, Michigan is under what's called a state mandated 'Financial Review' process, which is one of last triggers in P.A. #4 before a Emergency Manager is appointed.

If or when Detroit receives a Emergency Manager, over 50% of Michigan's African-American population will be under total control by the State and thus have their vote of elected local officials represent their interest nullified.

Without further ado, we present ROJS News reporting of "The March to Snyderville 2012", Michigan's residents protest Gov. Rick Snyder at the front gate of his Geddes Glen compound, on January 16, 2012 on Martin Luther King Holiday.

ROJS News presents the March to Snyderville 2012-Michiganders March to Gov. Snyder's Front Gate to Protest Public Act #4

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