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Monday, January 16, 2012

Marching on to Snyderville with MLK Day reflections

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ROJS News Op/Ed

Today at 4:00 PM, hundreds if not thousands of Michigan voters will be marching in solidarity to Governor Rick Snyder's front gate location in Superior Township, Michigan.

The protest, both symbolic and advocacy related in nature, will be made to peacefully demonstrate to the people of our state that Democracy still exist.

Named the Occupy for Democracy, some Michiganders march for the single mother that lost her and her children's cash assistance benefits late last year.

Others will march for a Grandparent who's struggling to pay expenses on a fix income; while trying to figure out how to pay taxes on pension income, when paying the ever increasing cost of prescription medications.

One of more people in the march are participating to gave voice to children stuck in public school classrooms with 34 children or more, while having a difficult time learning Algebra. Its' possible some Firefighters will walk along the roads with protesters to support their fellow brother's or sister's in Pontiac, who found out three days after Christmas Eve they will't have employment come February 2012 due to Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel.

Expect to see plenty of Time Magazine persons' of the year, "The Protester", with signs and singing songs on how "We Shall Overcome".

Also unionized workers will march to show some individuals -in the public-at-large- that expecting a fair day pay/for a fair days work should be a principle that America upholds.

On a drive into the Washtenaw Community College campus were I graduated from my first college experience, also the location today's rally and march will began, I noticed the parking lots were pretty much empty and in areas along with thin layers of snow that sat quietly on the ground. In my mind, I reflected back to 1987 when a group of students at Ypsilanti High School walked out of classes on January 16th, in a effort to demand the district recognize Martin Luther King's Birthday.

The students' walked to the large parking lot in front of the school, peacefully. This was despite of numerous calls of possible suspensions from administrators that if the rumored protest was to take place, parents would be called to pick them up, immediately. Hand and hand, African-American, Caucasian, Asian, Latino and other Ethnic groups of 13-18 year olds wouldn't allow fear of what might happen, stop what was right in their hearts.

Today, Ypsilanti Public Schools, which is less than 2 miles from Washtenaw Community College where tomorrow's Occupy for Democracy protest will take place, is closed in observance of Martin Luther King's Holiday. Looking back, I'm glad that then, we all walked out of class that day over 20 years ago.

So, today I will march along with the single mother, firefighter, working class, residents, seniors, unionized employees, fast food workers, people I've never met before and others I know on a first name basis. The goal, to return Michigan back to a state that respects everyone based on being a human being and not, class status.

Today, I will sing beside the young occupant and think of how in my youth, I too believed that we could change the world.

Today, I will hold hands with a child who hopefully will remember this day as the moment where adults stood up for them to have appropriate class-sized PUBLIC SCHOOLS for them to learn in. And proudly along side teachers showing care about their students futures, because they are marching on January 16th in Ann Arbor, Michigan too.

Yes, I believe in my heart as the Wisconsin Solidarity Singers told us on January 13th, "We Shall Overcome" someday soon individuals who are trying to destroy the Michigan we know and love, someday real soon.

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