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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ROJS News Liveblog of President Obama State of the Union Address

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We will be Liveblogging President Barack Obama's State of Union Speech this evening in Washington, D.C. for his third official State of the Union address. 

This Liveblog will be updated throughout the speech---

8:58 PM EST- First Lady Michelle Obama looked absolutely stunning in her silk blue dress. Retiring Congresswoman Gabrielle Grifford (D-Arizona) made her return to the House of Representative chamber to a standing ovation for about five minute. Welcome back Congresswoman Griffords and good luck with your continued recovery.  

9:00 PM EST- President Obama's Cabinet, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has entered the Chamber. Secretary Clinton personally greeted retiring Congresswoman Griffords. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is the only Executive Cabinet member, not in attendance, according to rules with cite one member of the President's Cabinet remain away from the speech.

9:05 PM EST- President Barack Obama has entired the House of Representative Chamber. Greeted with about ten minutes of welcomed applause. The President gave a personal warm hug to Congresswoman Grifford's attending last State of the State Speech as a elected Representative from the state of Arizona.

9:11 PM EST- President Barack Obama starts his speech with a reminder of military achievements of America's Armed Forces in Iraq and acknowledging the troops still fighting for freedom in Afghanistan.  

9:15 PM EST - President Obama, "We should restore a economy that everyone gets a fair shot, everyone gets a fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules".

9:18 PM EST- President Obama, "I attend to fight obstruction with action. And I would oppose any effort that got our country in crisis, in the first place

9:21 PM EST- President Obama speaking on the automobile bailout of 2009, "We bet on American workers and now the automobile industry is back." A flash to Michigan Federal Legislators Rep. Sander Levin (D-Michigan) and Rep. John Dingell showed both of them approving of the President's statement.

9:24 PM EST- "It is time to stop awarding businesses that create jobs overseas and award businesses that create jobs right here. Send me this bill and I'll sign it immediately". A flash to the Republican side of the room, including a close up of Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) showed he appeared to disagree with supporting American jobs coming back home.

9:27 PM EST- Still talking job creation in the U.S.A., President Obama states, "If the playing field is leveled (against countries like China), Americans will always win."

9:29 PM EST- President Obama ask Congress to, "Join me in a national commitment to create up to 2 million jobs". A camera flash to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, showed she looked pleased with the President's statement.

9:30 PM EST- President Obama, "It is time to turn our unemployment system into a re-employment system to those looking for work."

9:32 PM EST- President Obama, "Turning to education, "Instead of blasting teachers...give them the resources to keep them on the job. Stop teaching for the test".

9:33 PM EST-"President Obama, I'm calling for every state to require that all students stay in high school until the age of 18.

9:34 PM EST- President Obama, "This Congress needs to stop the rate on student loans from doubling in July.

9:35 PM EST- President Obama,  "A college education should not be a luxury, it should allow for equal ability for every family can afford."

9:36 PM EST- President Obama, "A economy build to last is where we promote the talent of everyone in this county. That means a woman should earn equal pay for equal work." 

9:37 PM EST-President Obama, "Expand tax relief to small businesses that are raising wages and creating jobs. Put in a bill and I will sign it this year."

9:39 PM EST -Speaking on energy, 
President Obama states, "Right now American oil production has been the highest its been in eight years."

9:40 PM EST- 
President Obama, "We don't have to choose between our environment and bring new energy ideas off the ground."

9:41 PM EST- 
President Obama speaking of some clean energy companies that failed by like " I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy". "We (support) the oil industry for nearly a century".

9:45 PM EST- 
President Obama, "Building this new energy future should be one part of the goal to rebuild America."

9:46 PM EST- 
President Obama, "Take the money we're not longer spending at war, use half of it to pay off our debt and use the remainder to do some nation-building at home."

9:51 PM EST- President Obama speaking on his Affordable Health Care Act, "I will not back down from making sure a company can contain a oil spill like we saw in the gulf two years ago. I will not go back to the days that health insurance companies can cancel your health policies and charge women more than men."

9:52 PM EST- President Obama, "Tonight I'm asking my Attorney General (Eric Holder) to create a special unit to those who packaged faulty mortgages that led to our housing crisis."

9:54 PM EST- Calling for lower taxes for Americans, President Obama asked for Congress to "Pass the payroll tax cut without delay".

9:55 PM EST- President Obama speaking on tax breaks for the top 15%, "Do we want to keep these tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans or do we want to do everything else?" We need to change the tax code for people like me and a awful lot of members of Congress, pay their fair share of taxes."

9:57 PM EST- President Obama, "You can call this class warfare all you want, but to ask a billionaire to pay his fair share of taxes as his Secretary is just plain right". "That's not right and Americans know that's not right." "That's how we'll reduce our deficit, that's a America that build to last".

10:01 PM EST- 
President Obama speaking on deadlock in Congress, "A simple majority is not enough to get things pass in this Legislature. Both parties have been to blame for it. We need to put a end to this."

10:02 PM EST- President Obama speaking on the role of what Government should to for the people, he quoted President Lincoln, "Government should do for people only for what they cannot do by themselves".

10:04 PM EST- Receiving a standing ovation, President Obama stated, "When we act together, there is nothing the United States can't achieve."

10:05 PM EST- Speaking of the human rights basic World Wide,"The forces of change cannot be reverse and human dignity cannot be denied." 

10:07 PM EST- President Obama speaking on not allowing Iran to gain a nuclear power, "Let their be no doubt, America is determined from preventing Iran from receiving a Nuclear weapon and I will take no options off the table of achieving that goal."

10:09 PM EST-President Obama speaking of a stronger nation, "America is back," Anyone that tell you otherwise, don't know what they're talking about."

10:10 PM EST- Receiving his loudest speech of the night President Obama stated, "Above all our freedom endures because of the men and women that continue to defend it."

10:15 PM EST- President Obama, "This nation is great because we have each other backs. As long we are join in common purpose, the state of our union will always be strong."

10:16 PM EST- President Obama has ended his strong third State of the Union speech. 

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