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Friday, December 2, 2011

Ypsilanti connects with Occupy Movement during first event at Corner Brewery

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Members of OFA hold first General
Assembly event in Ypsilanti, MI
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The first meeting Occupy movement in Ypsilanti, Michigan was held at the Corner Brewery on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 8:00 PM, by members of Ann Arbor's Occupy for All (OFA's) organization.

Facilitators outlined a series of programs and events they hope to enact into the neighboring community, from their home base of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
"We want to support Ypsilanti's growing Occupy movement," stated Kent Klausner one of the Occupy for All facilitators.
Photo Credit-ROJS News
OFA Member Kent Klausner teach
attendees about Occupy G.A. hand-
Organized as a general assembly, initiatives OFA are planning upcoming include a free home call Women's Clinic, Detroit foreclosure prevention direct action event, public television interview on Ann Arbor's Community Television Network (CTN) and starting an alternative home care network. 

An Inter-Occupation Summit is scheduled to place with members of Occupy Lansing, Bay City, Midland and Ann Arbor movements at the Reutters Park in Lansing on Saturday, December 3th from Noon-7PM.

Helen Stockton, a certified Midwife and member of Occupy Detroit's medical group, spoke about the need for donations and resources start a Free Women Health Clinic to perform lifesaving breast and cervical cancer screening exams, performing home calls to those without transportation means.
"We need people that want to volunteer as assistants and we need funding to pay the lab," Stockton stated. "This program would be for people that are uninsured and don't have access to preventive screenings," she noted.
The group highlighted a recent community action successes with OFA Occupy Black Friday flash mob held at Walmart in Saline, that received national media attention.
"I saw one of the employees, who had to hold their reaction to the flash mob chant in front of her supervisor, turn left and give us a thumbs-up," OFA supporter Denise Herble stated. "Overall, the action was peaceful and no one was arrested." she cited.
Video of OFA's Black Friday Flash Mob Action in Saline, Michigan at Walmart

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Occupy Ypsilanti logo reviled during
OFA G.A. at Corner Brewery on 12/1
During the General Assembly, OFA announced that Occupy Ypsilanti will hold its' first teach-in at Woodruff's in Deport Town on Saturday, December 10th @ 3:00 PM. 

To find out more details of teach-ins, direct action movements and general assembly events supported by the Occupy for All movement, can be found on their website.

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