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Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you again readers, as ROJS News hits 300K Page Views

In July 2011, ROJS News -formerly named Reach Out Job Search News Blog thanked our loyal readers for their support in reaching 200K pages views

Less than six months later, our fans continue to show their support for this Independent News resource by allowing us to hit the magical 300K + page view, within the past week. 

At the time of this article publishing, ROJS News has received 300,672 page views! With such, we have skyrocked our page views since July 2011, when we had 200,097. Tallying the numbers ROJS News has received 100,575 page views in six months. WOW!

Let's overview our growth efforts during 2011.

The original domain name Reach Out Job purchased in one year ago. Our new domain name, which was shorten to ROJS News purchased in November, is the primary name our news resource is titled as for the future. It's shorter and sweeter, you think?

Originally this blog primarily focused on job search, unemployment and career articles. We're still our loyal to ROJS News original topics but, in January 2011 we expanded our articles to include Michigan, National and Local Politics discussions.

As the New Year approaches, ROJS News will add writers/experts related to environmental issues, city/township politics discussions, Michigan Citizen of the month editor, 99% in 2012 and Elections 2012 articles.

In October 2010, we branched out hosting ROJS Radio, formerly named Reach Out Job Search Radio show, a weekend featured live podcast on one of the largest podcast networks, Blog Talk Radio. During the live podcast segments, we have interviewed career experts, CEO's political candidates for local offices, leaders in the community and more. 

In September 2011, we added Co-Host Autumn S. to the ROJS Radio podcast, along with Scheduling Coordinator Laura Craven. 

Autumn S. is a fierce West Michigan Political activist, who engaged in a one-woman campaign successfully winning her recall clarity hearing, against Speaker of the Michigan House, Jase Bolger (R-Marshall). 

Laura C., a military spouse and avid follower of Michigan and National political discussions, has been key to schedule groundbreaking movers, shakers and leaders on to our ROJS Radio program.

With over 100K live and archived listens during the past year, ROJS Radio brand continues to break ground with adding Independent points of view to hot-button topics in Michigan and Nationwide!

ROJS Media, LLC - Political News and Talk into 2012

In November 2011, we combined our two separate brands ROJS News and ROJS Radio, into ROJS Media, LLC. ROJS Media, LLC over 2012, plans to solidify our readership on the news resource and podcast program. In addition, ROJS Media will be vigorously pursuing bloggers in Michigan and Nationwide to add their opinions to our rapidly growing news site.

If interested, letter of introduction and links to previous written works can be forwarded to Editor/Head Writer of ROJS News, Monica RW

ROJS Radio plans in 2012 to explain our podcast to include five day a week programming, from a variety of voices that can add to the discussions of Election 2012, Michigan/National Politics, Job Search, Unemployment and more. 

With such, we're seeking three to six individuals unique providing robust perspectives on topics to Co-Host a 2 hour, one day a week podcast on our current Blog Talk Radio format

Please forward inquires to Autumn S. ROJS Radio Co-Host, for information on this opportunity to have your voice heard on issues that impact our nation!

At the ROJS News we've written important stories during the year and one half
  1. Post the first picture of the suspect in Representative Gabrielle Grifford (D-AZ) shooting
  2. Reporting from "on-the-ground" in Washington, D.C. about the announcement of bill HR-589
  3. Highlighted details of anchor Keith Olbermann resignation from MSNBC to his currentChief Executive News Officer spot at CurrentTV.
  4. Obtained exclusive quotes on S.3706-the former "Americans Want to Work Act" sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)
  5. Wrote a series of articles on factors impacting the long-term unemployed, 99ers
  6. Covered the early stages of grassroots effort to recall Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI)
  7. Covered kick-off campaign to repeal the Emergency Financial Manager billknown asPublic Act #4.
  8. Obtained a exclusive interview with Marion Townsend Chairwoman for the Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder, setting the record straight on administrative actions of the organization.
  9. Highlighted Michigan GOP led state Legislature continuing cuts to State Unemployment Benefits.
  10. Exclusively covered first meet up event for the Occupy Ypsilanti Movement.
  11. Exclusively wrote series 1, 2 and 3 articles highlighting Black Friday Violence at nationwide Walmart locations. We were honored to have the Occupy Wall Street Movement website link these articles on their page.
  12. Covered former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain visit to the Big Sky Diner in Southeastern Michigan.
  13. Wrote about the former Michigan's Senate GOP bill that would have allowed school bullying based on religious reasons
  14. Reported on Gov. Rick Snyder's proposal to increase on Michigan motor vehicle registration fees.
  15. Covered the initial stages of the Occupy Detroit and Lansing Rallies.
  16. Exclusively covered 'The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder" falling short of signatures needed for their recall petition against Gov. Snyder.
  17. Covered President Barback Obama's Jobs Bill from the view of the 99ers -long-term unemployed job seekers exhausted from Federal Unemployment Extensions, nationwide.
ROJS Radio provides Political Talk and Guests, from a Independent-Left Point of View

We've interviewed series of great guests on ROJS Radio including Democracy For America Jim Dean, former candidate for Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, State Representative Fred Durhal (D-Detroit), Brandon Jessup C.E.O. of Michigan Forward, Chris Savage Political writer of Eclectablog and many other honored guests. Review our previous guest line-up here.

ROJSRadio will continue to bring voices of Michigan and National politics scene on to the program in 2012. If interested in booking a interview with Hosts Monica RW and Autumn S. on ROJS Radio, contact our Scheduling Coordinator Laura C. for more information.

How you can support ROJS Media quest to continue providing Articles, Op/Ed's and Political Talk Radio in 2012

We have enjoyed bringing both non-corporatism, Independent based stories on Michigan and National politics to our readers over the past year. In our efforts to continue supplying our articles and live podcast episodes to our listeners, interested parties on supporting ROJS Media though advertising can review our Media Kit and/or contact Monica RW for additional details.

Thank you again for supporting ROJS Media in 2011. We look forward providing exclusive articles and groundbreaking stories in 2012.

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