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Friday, December 9, 2011

Snyder popularity on free fall, dips below Michigan's two previous Governors

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Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder of 19.3% 'excellent' or
'good' job approval rating, is worst than previous Gov's
Jennifer Granholm (D) or John Engler (R) at the
end of their first term in office
Governor Rick Snyder (R) is losing popularly at a alarming rate among Michiganders, just shy of one year after being sworn into the office. 

Worst than numbers themselves, Gov. Snyder approval ratings have plunged faster than his previous Republican or Democratic officials, within Michigan's highest elected office.

Less than 20% of Michigan residents believe Gov. Rick Snyder is doing an 'excellent' or 'good' job running the state, according to the survey released on this week from Michigan State University
"The Fall 2011 State of the State survey conducted by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University found that only 19.3 percent of Michigan residents surveyed rated the governor's performance as excellent or good, continuing a decline in popularity from 44.5 percent just after his election to 31.5 percent in the Spring, 2011 survey," according to M-Live.
Snyder's near first year ending approval ratings are significantly lower than former Governor's Jennifer Granholm (D) or John Engler (R) at the same time in office. The first year of Engler's term in 1995-96, his "Excellent" or "Good" rated performance was 50.6%. Granholm's first year rating in 2002-03 of 48.7% nearly triples Gov. Snyder's fall 2011 approval rating overall.

Photo Credit-Michigan State University State of the State Survey
Overall, according to the survey, 81% of Michiganders view his Gov. Snyder performance as 'Fair' or 'Poor', increasing 12.1% over MSU's Spring 2011 State of the State report.
Photo Credit-Michigan State University State of the State Survey

Photo Credit-Michigan State University State of the State Survey
Sworn into office on January 3, 2011, Gov. Snyder has signed a record number of controversial laws wrote and passed by Republican super-majorities in Michigan legislative branches; waging a deeply bitter divide between Michigan's poor and working classes against the wealthiest citizens of the state. 

The first in a series of legislative actions Gov. Snyder signed into law gave a $1.5 billion dollar tax cut to C & S corporations. Ironically, tax cuts for businesses came in the form of a tax hike for Michigan retirees, middle class with cuts to state income tax exemption rate and a callous cut to Michigan's Earned Income Tax credit for the working poor to $50.00 per family

Several other pieces of highly-charged legislation approved by Snyder during his first eleven months in office comprise of slashing cash assistance payments to over 41,000 women and children, a questionable expansion of Michigan's Emergency Manager law with Public Act #4 and endorsing ending of public employers rights to offer domestic partners and children health benefits

A group called 'Michigan Rising' according to an article on Daily Kos, are organizing a second recall attempt against Gov. Snyder starting in March 2012. An initial recall attempt, managed by Michigan Citizens United -later renamed 'The Committee to Recall Gov. Rick Snyder'- failed during a mid 2011 attempt to gain a minimum 805,000 signatures necessary to place a recall referendum vote on the states' February 2012 primary election ballot.  

Since the first recall attempt against Gov. Snyder, moods of Michigan voters have changed. With Snyder's falling approval ratings as proof of intolerance regarding state Republicans' perceived legislative over-reach; first-term former State Rep. Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) became Michigan's elected official outed from office mid-term since 1983 in November. 

Scott's un-popularly with citizens of the states' 51st district, quickly rose in 2011 after drafting laws supporting cuts to Michigan's public school teaching systems and its unionized workforce, Michigan Educational Association.

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