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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rogers is looking out for big business' bottom line, not constituents' health

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Lance Enderle, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District, calls Rogers’ actions “appalling.”

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Enderle for U.S. Congress
8th District website.
LANSING – Lance Enderle, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District, slammed Republican lawmaker Mike Rogers for attempting to circumvent the new health care law.

Rogers requested the Obama administration waive the Medical Loss Ratio for Michigan, but the administration denied the request. The Medical Loss Ratio was put in the new health care reform law to force insurance companies to spend more of the premium costs they charge consumers on actual care costs, rather than management costs like millions in CEO pay.
“Let’s be clear. This mandate is not going to hurt businesses, as Mike claims, it is going to force insurance companies to play by the same rules that most middle class Americans do,” says Enderle. “They will have to live within a budget, rather than increasing premium costs to pay for lavish salaries for executives. Mike is afraid of that because it will mean less money in his political coffers from his well-heeled, uber wealthy donors.”
The top five insurance companies increased profits by nearly 60 percent this last year, while increasing the cost to consumers by seven percent. (WHAT IS THE SOURCE ON THIS 60 PERCENT INCREASE?)The Medical Loss Ratio would mandate 80 to 85 percent of premium costs be spent on direct care for covered consumers, leaving 15 to 20 percent to cover advertising costs and seven figure salaries for CEOs. Medicare and the Veteran’s Administration health systems spend about three percent on administrative overhead.
“It’s clear Mike has no interest for America’s middle class. He is interested in his CEO buddies and he is willing to throw all of us under the bus to keep the money flowing to his campaign and PAC coffers,” Enderle said. “Between refusing to vote to keep the payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans, to voting for the dangerous Ryan budget, Mike has shown he doesn’t care about anything but his own bottom line. It’s disgusting and appalling.”

Contact: Lance Enderle
Candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District

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