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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Progressive candidate Lance Enderle seeks to win Michigan's 8th Congressional District

Photo Credit-Lance Enderle
Lance Enderle candidate
for Michigan's 8th
Congressional District visited
ROJS Radio on 12/18
Lance Enderle, pledges to run a campaign based on meeting the needs Michiganders as a candidate for 2012 in Michigan's 8th Congressional district. The seat is currently held by Mike Rogers (R-Brighton).

Enderle, in a exclusive interview on ROJS Radio Sunday, December 18th @ 11:00 AM EST, expressed he plans to win the election, be a Progressive voice in Washington, D.C. political scene and work for needs of residents in the area. 

During the discussion, Candidate Enderle highlighted how current Congressional debates on extending tax cuts for working class Americans and extending unemployment benefits, has became into a fight about a unnecessary Keystone pipeline.
"Realistically, its pretty sick when it has to get into the House of Representatives, our U.S. Congress, when they talking about budget manners but, the U.S. House Republicans wouldn't do anything useless they tag on the keystone pipeline part to it," Enderle stated.  
"What does the pipeline have to do with unemployment, our budget and jobs? That pipeline is not going to provide many jobs. All its going to do is destory the environment. It's a different issue. That's one of the problems we have with our legislative body in D.C. They don't know how to make a clean bill," he noted.
Enderle, a Special Education teacher who was laid-off, spoke about his thoughts on leaving Michigan in order find employment. He changed plans when in the district's last election, a questionable candidate ran against Mike Rogers. On the encouragement of friends about his political activist background, Enderle decided to join the race as a write-in candidate
"We had a little debacle in Michigan's 8th district last election cycle with a ghost candidate, we'll call him. The only way to get this candidate off the ballot was somebody had to run as a write in candidate or attempt to get him off that way. Sitting back with a couple of friends of mine, one of told me 'I always wanted to vote for you, lets do this," Enderle stated on ROJS Radio. 
"My conscience dictated that I could not leave the state without trying to do something. If I was to leave what have I told the thousands of students I encounted in my career; to give up cut and run? No that's not what I taught them," he stated.
Enderle recited his intent to be a true representative for Michigan's working, middle and lower classes -the 99%- if elected into the 8th Congressional seat.
"So basically jumped on the ballot as a write in (during the 2010 race)...and at this moment I am the Democratic nomitee for the 8th Congressional District (in Election 2012). When you look at it that is the true 99% moment right there because I'm not a estbishment Democrat, I'm a Progressive Democrat," he noted on ROJS Radio.
Listen to the entire interview with Candidate Lance Enderle for Michigan's 8th Congressional race in 2012 on ROJS Radio at the link below (starting at the 35 minute mark).

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Enderle, resident of the East Lansing area, during a February 26th You Tube interview with Peace Education Center, discussed why Unions are important in protecting the interests of working and lower class Americans.

To learn more about Lance Enderle ideas, policy positions and thoughts about important issues he advocates for, visit his campaign website.

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