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Monday, December 26, 2011

Op/Ed-Meijer is helping to destroy our schools

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ROJS Op/Ed Guest Post by J. Israel

I like Meijer they are a good store and their employees are union. I will continue to shop there to support their employees and our local economy. But Meijer is contributing to the destruction of our schools.

On recent a websearch I found out that, the Michigan Secretary of State’s campaign contribution data base that Meijer recently gave $25,000 to the Great Lakes Education Project. The Great Lakes Education Project is a DeVos founded think tank that is behind and supports many of the so-called “education reforms” coming out of Lansing. 

During the 2010 election campaign the Great Lakes Education Project received $75,000 from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and $40,000 J.C. Huizenga, who is the CEO of one of the biggest charter school companies in Michigan (National Heritage Academies).

The Great Lakes Education Project donated $5,000 to Senator Phil Pavlov’s election campaign in 2010, more than any other senate candidate. Meijer gave Senator Pavlov $1,000 for his campaign. 

Senator Pavlov is currently the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and is responsible, as he is so willing to point out on his Facebook page, for the education bills that have recently been signed into law. 

Please write or call Meijer and ask them to stop supporting the destruction of our schools and our teachers’ future.

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