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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

National Progressive resource 'Think Progress' cites ROJS News in recent article

Michigan, the economic need state
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ROJS News honored to be referenced for our Independent-left based reporting by the Progressive resource 'Think Progress',  In a December 26, 2011 article by Journalist Tanya Somanader highlighting,"Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Forces Unemployed Workers Off Unemployment Insurance While Giving Corporations A Tax Cut".

Snyder Lack of Popularity, Cuts to Michigan Unemployed Job Seekers Highlighted in  'Think Progress' Article

In the article, Ms. Somanader referred to a June 11th article on ROJS News ranking Gov. Rick Snyder (R) as "America's third unpopular state Chief Executive".

Since this initial piece, Snyder's overall approval rating has sunk farther, as a recent Michigan State University, 'State of the State Survey' ranking overall performance rating during his first term in office at an abysmal 19.3% in the 'excellent' or 'good' categories.

Think Progress article discusses the latest in a series of draconian moves Gov. Snyder signed into law impacting Michigan's unemployed job seekers, including boldly slashing state claimant weeks of jobless benefits from 26 to 20, marking the first decrease in unemployment insurance payment in Michigan history of the program.

In December 2011, Snyder signed series of laws effective January 1st, 2012, forcing unemployed Michiganders to a minimum wage job after 10 weeks of jobless benefits or lose the remaining 10 weeks of state funded payments. 

From Think Progress' December 26th article:
"The measures require some unemployed workers to take new jobs after 10 weeks of benefits even if the available work is outside their previous experience or pays lower wages than they were making before. They also make it harder for someone to collect jobless benefits if they’re fired for cause or leave a job voluntarily.[...] 
Snyder disagreed with critics who say requiring jobless workers to take a job paying 120 percent of their weekly benefit could trap them in a low-wage position by leaving them little time to look for work in their area of expertise. 
“It’s to encourage people to work. It’s not to have them go backward,” Snyder said of the legislation. “It’s easiest to find a job when you’ve gotten a job.”
Instead of Working to Put Michiganders to Work into Decent Paying Jobs; Gov. Snyder Mandates Work in Fast Food

ROJS News is pleased that Think Progress is shining national attention on a story that seeks to punish Michigan unemployed for losing a job via no fault of their own, instead of Gov. Snyder mandating innovative programs similar to the states' formerly nationally recognized job re-training program 'No Worker Left Behind'.

Started by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) during the highest point of Michigan's unemployment crisis, No Worker Left Behind experienced massive success training unemployed job seeker into high-demand fields of employment; not fast food work opportunities.

Since January 1st 2011, nearly one year after being sworn in office as Michigan highest elected chief executive, Gov. Snyder has yet to draft or sign a state executive order constructing one program to assist Michigan's unemployed residents with concrete efforts to return back to work.

Protest Planned on Martin Luther King Protest Day Against Gov. Snyder Policies in Initial Stages

Occupy for Democracy, local advocacy groups and a large number of Gov. Snyder's constituents plan a Martin Luther King Day March beginning at the Parker Mill County Park, 4650 Geddes Rd, Ann Arbor, Mich beginning at 4:30 PM. The groups plan to protest series of cuts to Michigan working, middle and lower class residents on behalf of Gov. Snyder, along with state GOP-Controlled House and Senate members.

On December 16th, local news resource M-Live reported the MLK Day protests against Snyder's policies would include a march to the Governor's home location in Superior Township in Ann Arbor, Michigan. ROJS News will stay on top of this scheduled event and report updates as warranted.

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