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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Michigan Rising organizes for a 2012 recall effort for Gov. Rick Snyder

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A renewed recall attempt by
Michigan Rising will form
against Gov. Rick Snyder (R)
in April 2012
First confirmed on ROJS Radio Sunday, December 18th, a new Political Action Committee (PAC) Michigan Rising plans to take up another recall attempt against Gov. Rick Snyder (R) starting in April 2012. 

Bruce Fealk, editor of the Rochester Citizen confirmed during a executive interview on ROJS Radio, the group is working organizing an effective ground campaign within the next four months. The effort is in preparation for a petition language approval clarity hearing  before the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners

Appearing before the elected official home County Board of Commissioners for petition language approval, is the first step required by Michigan Recall Procedures.

Listen to the interview with Bruce Fealk (starting at the 1:15 minute mark) speak on Michigan Rising's preparation process:

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Earlier this year, a former PAC named 'The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder' failed to collect the minimum signature requirement of 805,000 to place a recall referendum vote on February 2012 ballot, if Gov. Rick Snyder should continue his term in office until December 31, 2014. This group has since disbanded, but some of its' organizers are planning to lend experience to Michigan Rising renewed recall attempt for Snyder.

A December 9th Michigan State University 'State of the State Survey' found that Gov. Snyder has a 19.3% performance rating among state potential voters. 

Organized recall campaigns in Michigan had a recent success, as the Michigan Educational Association won in a attempt remove Former State Rep. Paul Scott (Fmr. R-Gand Blanc) on November 3rd, 2011. Scott was the first elected State Representative recalled from held public office since 1983.

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