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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Five Tips to Help You Keep Your Job Search Active This Winter

Facing a depressing gray sky and an even more dismal job market, you're probably tempted to just go back home, turn up the heat, and begin your job search another day. Although the gloomy winter weather certainly doesn't help make your long and arduous job search any easier, persistence is key when it comes to finding employment. With the winter weather also comes a consumer-based holiday season that can add even more pressure to your predicament. Despite the negative aspects of your job hunt, there are a few silver linings to look out for that may make your situation a bit easier.

Seek Holiday-Specific Job Openings

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. For retail, holidays can mean increased revenue, which many times lead to seasonal job openings. Although it may not be ideal, you can use seasonal opportunities to help make ends meet while building up your experience and searching for a full time position. You might also search outside the retail box for jobs like a carriage driver downtown or a mall Santa Claus.

Take Advantage of the Telephone and Social Media

Instead of braving the job hunt on foot, beat the cold by conducting your job search indoors. Respond to ads on the phone, and call friends and colleagues in your industry to see if they know of any opportunities. Utilize social networking sites like LinkedIn to connect with others in your industry, build up more recommendations, and discover new job opportunities.

Consider Continuing Your Education

If your job search continues to be unsuccessful, it may benefit you to broaden your skill set and learn a new trade by going back to school. Fortunately, modern technological advances have made it easier for people from all walks of life to attend school online. While pursuing an online degree, you can still keep up with your job search by practicing time management and learning new skills. In this day and age, the skills you bring to the table are becoming more and more important.

Upgrade Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Since LinkedIn and your resume will be your primary representatives in your job search, it's essential that they reflect your professionalism and capability. Make sure your resume is neat, up to date, and effective. Returning to the discussion of skills, your resume is an employer’s first glance at you. Highlighting your skills and achievements shows employers you are capable of getting the job done. Also, it won’t hurt to have your resume reviewed by an outside source, but be willing to take constructive criticism. As far as LinkedIn goes, keep your profile information current and detailed. There is not word limit, so your LinkedIn profile can feature accomplishments that won’t fit on your resume. And don’t forget to feature a professional photograph.

Plan and Prepare

Don't just wander out and hand your resume to any company that might be hiring. Instead, identify companies that are hiring for a specific position you are interested in by calling around and reading the want ads before going out. Know what you're looking for before you begin your job search, and be prepared to confront obstacles that might prevent your success. Determine what sets you apart from the competition and emphasize those qualities in your resume and presentations. Be ready to answer any question the hiring manager might ask and rehearse your answers perfectly. Planning and preparing before beginning your search will save you time, energy and possibly even embarrassment in your search. Support Michigan's Independent News Resource on ROJS NEWS by adding our RSS Feed Below!

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