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Friday, December 16, 2011

Federal, state and local officials request meeting with Gov. Snyder over Public Act #4

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The heat is on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
as Federal, State and Local Officials request
meeting to see if the measure he signed into
law, Public Act #4 is in violation of the Federal
Voting Rights Act.

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A group of federal, state and local officials have requested a meeting with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to voice their concerns over potential appointment of an emergency manager in the city of Detroit.

Brandon Jessup, C.E.O. of Michigan Forward, announced during a interview to be played in its entirely ROJS Radio Saturday, December 17th, that the request has taken place.
"Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin have requested a meeting with Gov. Rick Snyder to discuss the impacts of Public Act #4 on voting rights".
During a exclusive interview with Pontiac Councilman Kermit Williams (D) on ROJS Radio on December 11th, acknowledged Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel -member of the Mackinaw Center of Public Policy- removed Pontiac's city Clerk days shy prior to the last general election
"E.M. Schimmel removed our city clerk ten days prior to the last election and replaced the position with a privatized entity. This move was a serious violation of the citizens of Pontiac voting rights."
Click below to listen to ROJS Radio entire interview with Pontiac City Councilman Kermit Williams

Mr. Jessup noted that Democratic U.S. Reps. John Conyers, Hansen Clarke, Gary Peters and eight members of Detroit City Council sent a letter to Gov. Snyder on Thursday, December 16th.

M-Live has reported that the communication was additionally signed by nine state Senators and 46 state Representatives. In it, they asked Snyder to meet with them -- "the duly elected representatives of the people" -- before taking any further actions under Public Act 4. They wrote the following statement:
"Although we come to this matter from a variety of differing perspectives and ideologies, we all share in the belief that applications of the Emergency Manager Law have the potential to irreparably and irreversibly undermine both voting and collective bargaining rights in our State.  
Democracy is the cornerstone of our Nation and the fundamental principle upon which all of our other rights and liberties are premised. It therefore goes without saying that any effort to unilaterally appoint an unelected individual in place of an elected Mayor, Council and other officials raises considerable questions about our State's commitment to that principle," they concured. 
We also have a particular concern that the Emergency Manager law may be being disproportionately applied to disenfranchise persons of color. As a matter of fact, it is our understanding that if you choose to appoint an Emergency Manager to oversee Detroit, that would mean that approximately 50% of all of the African American citizens in the State would be living under authority of unelected managers," they cited.
The state launched what's called a prelimentary review of Detroit's finances earlier this month -a step taken in each of the eight current cities a Emergency Manager has been appointed to in 2011 since the repeal Public Act  #72 into Public Act #4 on March 6th

Gov. Snyder has stated would like to avoid appointing an emergency manager in Detroit, but has acknowledge his willingness to do so, if necessary.

Snyder has cited he prefers for Detroit to enter into a consent agreement, which would afford city leaders with additional power to resolve the city's ongoing fiscal crisis.

The end result of process of a possible Emergency Manager appointment for Michigan's largest city is delayed by the upcoming holiday season, when Michigan's Legistature and Executive Offices would be on a three week tax payer funded recess period. Noting such, the earliest a Emergency Manager could be appointed to Detroit would be the second week of January 2012.

In the letter, state Democratic leaders expressed concern that the Snyder administration is trying to place a halt on Democracy in its tracks, by pursuing stop-gap legislation to replace Public Act 4 in the event that a Constitutional Referendum drive successfully reaches the mimimum of 151,067 signatures.

ROJS Radio will reveal breaking news on if the referedum drive has reached its mimuimum signature target on our Saturday, December 17th podcast starting at 11:00 AM.

Conyers, the second tenured legistator in U.S. House of Representatives, has requested Attorney General Eric Holder review the Constitutionality of Public Act #4. The U.S. Department of Justice reportedly are reviewing Congressman Conyers request. 

Read the entire letter addressed to Gov. Rick Snyder by Federal, State and Local officials, courtesy of M-Live PDF.

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