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Thursday, November 10, 2011

William Goodman and Reverend Pinkney Address Occupy Lansing About Ongoing EFM Litigation

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Lansing -- William Goodman has agreed to come speak to Occupy Lansing on Nov. 13th  at the Downtown CADL branch at 2 p.m.

His presentation will be entitled The Emergency Manager Act, Governor Snyder to people: “There's too much democracy”. 

 Mr. Goodman is a renowned Civil Rights Attorney from the Sugar Law Center in Detroit representing Plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed in Ingham County Circuit Court against Governor Rick Snyder and others challenging the legality of the Emergency Manager Act on constitutional grounds.  

He has represented Guantanamo prisoners and Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange as the legal director for the Center for Constitutional Rights.  He also defended the wrongly convicted youths in the widely publicized “Central Park Jogger case”, among many other high profile public-interest cases.  

Mr. Goodman will address many of the issues surrounding the controversial EFM modification, which gave expanded powers to the already existing office of “Emergency Manager”.  

Probably the biggest issue is that the Emergency Financial Managers (EFMs) are unelected officials who have the authority to remove elected officials from office.  They are also allowed to take out loans on behalf of whichever city they’ve been appointed in and leave the debt to the citizens of that city.  The citizens would also be responsible for paying the salary of the EFM.  The talk is free and open to the public.

Following Mr. Goodman’s talk, Reverend Pinkney from Benton Harbor will be holding a general question and answer session.  Rev. Pinkney is a central member of BANCO, the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, which works for social and economic justice in Benton Harbor, MI.  He has a lot of experience dealing with institutionalized racism and political corruption and will be able to provide very valuable insight for anyone who wishes to learn about organizing themselves and their peers in the face of incredible strife.


Occupy Lansing is a leaderless movement. Spokespeople have been appointed and approved by a vote of the General Assembly, which is open to all interested in participating in the movement.

We, the General Assembly of Lansing, do hereby declare the occupation of Solidarity Square in Reutter Park. We stand in solidarity with the movement at Wall Street and others around the world. We are here to stay until a more just, equitable system manifests itself for the 99% of Americans who so desperately need it now. We are strong, we are peaceful, we are united. We are Occupy Lansing.

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