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Friday, November 25, 2011

'Walmart Black Friday' violence con't, 54 year old grandfather is body-slammed for suspected video game theft

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In a effort to secure a video game for
his Grandson, a 54 year old Grandfather
Buckeye, AZ was body-slammed to
the concrete floor by local enforcement
officials in Walmart, for suspected

Moving to the Southwestern region of Buckeye, Arizona, a Grandfather was body-slammed and knocked out to the hard concrete floor when police patrolling the location thought he was attempting to shoplift video games.

Raw Story reports that the victim has been identified as 54-year-old Jerald Newman. He was charged with shoplifting, after being treated for injuries at a local hospital. Details from the media online resource on the incident at the Buckeye Walmart store is below.
"After the suspect Grandson got trampled, he put the video game he was holding in his waistband in order to free up his hands and lift the boy out of the crowd, according to KSAZ. 
That’s when cops moved in, slamming the grandfather’s head on the hard Wal-Mart floor. The aftermath was caught on cell phone video. 
“Are you sure that was necessary for shoplifting?” one customer asked as the cops cuffed the unconscious man, his head lying in a pool of blood. 
“You done knocked the mother****** out,” another shopper said.  
As an officer rolled the man over, it became obvious that he was out cold. Another officer quickly found that more than paper towels were needed to clean up the mess. 
“They grabbed the guy, body planted him into the ground — face shatters on concrete,” shopper Skyler Stone told KSAZ. “That’s a hard concrete floor insideWalmart.” 
“All of a sudden, you see this little boy run up and wailing and yelling, ‘Grandpa, Grandpa,’ and crying his eyes out,” Stone added.
In addition, the Associated Press update to the story added Buckeye police account of the incident which injured Mr. Newman.
"Larry Hall, assistant chief of Buckeye police, said Newman was resisting arrest and it appeared the officer acted within reason. 
Hall did not immediately release the name of the officer, who was hired off-duty by Walmart with five other officers to deal with the large crowd the store anticipated. 
Hall said a Walmart employee alerted the officer involved that Newman had put a video game in his waistband, and that the officer approached Newman and started to arrest him. 
When he had handcuffs on one of Newman's wrists, Hall said Newman told the officer, "I'm not going to jail," and started pulling away and flailing. 
Hall said Newman continued resisting and the officer decided to do a leg sweep and take him to the ground. 
"Unfortunately, the suspect landed on his head," Hall said.
View the video of the 54 year old Grandfather being violently body-slammed on Walmart's in Buckeye, AZ concrete floor here. Warning, this video is not appropriate for young children

For a update number 9 on 'Walmart Black Friday' violence we will travel to Southington, CT.  In this incident from a incident from a CNN i-reporter shows another shopper being stun-gunned by store staff and security.

rc317sg shot this video of a Black Friday shopper at a Walmart in Southington, CT, being tasered by police."
"It was unclear from my position what exactly happened with the man and why he was being detained, however, you could hear bystanders yelling things like, "stop!" "That's not necessary!"' he said. 'This was my first Black Friday shopping experience, and I'll never forget what I saw. You see sides of people that they, themselves, didn't even know existed," Re317sg wrote. 
jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

For the 10th incident of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence, we hit the freeway to Fruitport Township, near Muskegon, Michigan; where authorities say a teenage girl was trampled at a western Michigan Walmart store and suffered minor injuries after getting caught in a rush to a sale in the electronics department. 

The Muskegon Chronicle reports the girl was taken to a local hospital Friday, November 25th morning. Fruitport Township Supervisor Brian Werschem says the girl was knocked down and stepped on several times at the store location. 

Werschem believes that Wal-Mart and other retailers needs to re-think their "Black Friday Sales' strategies to avoid incidents like these, in the future.
"I hope that in the future some of these stores look at other options as opposed to this mad rush of people that obviously causes injury to the younger folks and the older folks,” Werschem said to the Muskegon Chronicle.
Going back to the deep south in Mesquite, Texas, in our 11th incident to report, a woman was almost crushed by a rush of 'Walmart Black Friday' shoppers fighting guess it....electronics!

We're catching the red-eye for a BREAKING NEWS Update 11:41PM EST as 'Walmart Black Friday' violence hits Providence, Rhode Island. Read the update on this story here.
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