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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(Exclusive) Rep. Eric Cantor greeted with protesters during University of Michigan speech

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A Reach Out Job Search News Exclusive

Majority House Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA/Pictured Right) paid a visit to University of Michigan Campus in Ann Arbor, to give a speech at the Michigan League on October 31th. The estimated 45 minute speech covered his ideas to correct the deep economic curve, that have resulted in a over $14 Trillion dollar budgetary deficit.

Rep. Cantor who wasn't in the comfort of his Congressional district in Virginia, was greeted by approximately 200 protesters. Many openly questioned the point of Cantor's visit to the Ann Arbor area, citing a number of policies Majority House Leader advocates is not line with goals of students, citizens and a majority of the voting populist of Washtenaw County, were the unemployment rate stands at 6.6 %.

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200 Protesters greet Majority House Leader
Rep. Eric Cantor during U of M speech.
Representative John Dingell (D-MI), one of the longest serving members in the U.S. House & Dean of the Chamber representing the Western Ann Arbor area and Michigan's 15th Congressional district -including U of M main campus grounds-was not in attendance at the speech. Reach Out Job Search News was unable to confirm if this was due to Congressman Dingell not being invited or lack of advance notification by Cantor's office. 

Cantor's speech received a cool reception both inside the room and outside, where self-titled "Funeral of the Middle Class" was held at Noon. Protesters, repeatedly chanted from the sidewalk area in front of the Michigan League building, calls during his speech. 

Protesters ask Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) to address in public outside at U of M Speech 10/31

Inside Rep. Cantor directed in his prepared remarks to protection of the "job creators" or the so-called "1%" to repair U.S. deficit issues. A group of approximately twelve protesters allowed into the Michigan League room, turned their backs to Cantor near conclusion of the speech, displaying signs in support of labor, marriage equality and calls to tax the rich.

Washtenaw County Community Action Team along with the Michigan Planners Network, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Occupy Ann Arbor Movement issued a statement in regard to Rep. Cantor's visit, which reads in part:

"Eric Cantor currently acts in the United State Congress in the name of Virginia's 7th Congressional District . He was first elected in 2000, and in 2011 was chosen by Republicans to be the House Majority Leader. A grandchild of Eastern European immigrants seeking freedom from religious persecution, Representative Cantor prides himself of being a religious minority in the Republican Party.

He honors the hardships of his ancestors by voting in support of discrimination, He not only voted to repeal crucial protections for Head Start teachers prevent them from discrimination based on their religious beliefs, but also voted to eliminate anti-religious discrimination clauses from legislation for taxpayer-funded jobs training programs.

Furthermore, though he recognizes how critical it was to his family's success that his father, the son of two immigrants, was able to attend college, he opposes the DREAM Act which would extend opportunities or education and citizenship to 65,000 young people whose parents are immigrants. 

Though he himself has insisted that it isn't the role of politicians to "inflame a division between different parts and sectors of American society", he has been a constant opponent of extending equal rights to the GLBT community, support a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman only.

Representative Cantor often speaks of his hardworking grandmother raising a family on her own so he is certainly familiar with the plight of working women. He nevertheless has voted against ensuring paycheck equality for woman in the workforce not just once, but three times, and consistently voters to prohibit access to reproductive health services for all woman which would allow them to make the best decisions for their families. 

Canor has tirelessly worked to bury the middle class by opposing the right to unionize and offering full support to propping up the banking industry while withholding support for the auto industry and homeowners.

Cantor's actions are constantly at odds with his own words."

One of the attendees, during Rep. Cantor's brief question and answer session, remarked how protesters chants from outside were cleary heard inside the Michigan League room area.

University of Michigan Student Elan Matchett, who attended Rep. Cantor's speech was unimpressed, giving the Congressman the grade of "I" or incomplete, for the appearance.

U of M Student Elan Matchett gives negative review of Rep. Cantor's Michigan League Speech

 ROJS-N Picture Slideshow of U of M Protest of Rep. Cantor's Michigan League Speech


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