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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Op/Ed: Mayor Dave Bing considering calling a Emergency Manager to takeover Detroit

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A Reach Out Job Search Op/Ed

Wondering why Detroit's Mayor Dave Bing (D) hasn't visited Occupy Detroit yet, even though it’s less than 9 city blocks from his office in the City-County Building? 

It could be because he's considering giving Michigan's largest city to an Emergency Manager (EM), appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R)

The Detroit Free Press late Tuesday, November 2nd reported Mayor Bing is strongly considering calling Lansing to ask for an EM city takeover assist for financial issues he's failing to oversee, as the highest elected official in the city. 

In a closed door meeting, Mayor Bing told City Council Members that Detroit is sliding close to insolvency and may soon require the state to take it over, the Detroit Free Press cited from sources available during to session. 

According to the unnamed sources, Bing cited as pension and health care costs are skyrocketing, Detroit is running out of operational funds. This is despite city unionized workers accepting a 10% pay cut in the last year.

Mayor Bing inability to negotiate with city unions during tough economic times in Detroit and statewide could be solved with an EM, as they have the power to eliminate unionized contracts all together. 

 “If we don’t get a handle on those costs, we can’t solve the city’s financial problems,” said Mayor Spokesperson Dan Lijana said to the Freep. “We’ve cut the budget to the bone.”
Bing’s closed-door meeting with council members was the first hint that the mayor may call for an Emergency Manager.

But it appears that Gov. Snyder's office after eagerly training over 400 ready-to-call EM’s earlier this year, is not so willing to take on Detroit's issues as quickly. A spokeswoman for the governor’s office told the Detroit Free Press that it’s premature to talk about a Detroit EM appointment.
In April, Bing warned the council that the city’s $155-million budget deficit could grow to $1.2 billion by 2015 unless aggressive cuts are made to city workers key staple programs like health care and pensions. 
Bing wanted employees to pay 20% of their health care premiums --up from 10% and change into a 401K or 403B type of pension plan. With the 10% pay cut city unionized workers followed Mayor Bing's matrix to fix Detroit's woes, the total pay cut would equaled 20%.
Since April, Mayor Bing has reduced 1,800 jobs in the city were maintaining neighborhood street lights, city busing services and finding effective ways to spend $9.2 million dollars Federal money to help low income citizens cut their energy bills, are issues.
The city has also seen revenue from property taxes drop $52.6 million since 2006, as families have moved out Detroit and personal property foreclosures are at an all-time high.
Detroit's operational budget deficit is now estimated to be $155 to $210 million dollars.

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