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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Detroit movement allowed to stay in camp one more week

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Occupy Detroit Organizer Destiny Tumboe
greeting Detroit City Councilwoman Joanne
Watson at Grand Circus Park 11/14 
A Reach Out Job Search News Exclusive

Occupy Detroit Movement faced a test for keep their movement campground at Grand Circus Park in Downtown Detroit on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 before the Detroit City Council at 10.00 AM. 

Their permit to stay at the location will be extended one week to Monday, November 21st at 10:00 AM.

Mayor Dave Bing (D) originally threatened to have the Detroit Police Department forcibly remove the protesters on Monday, November 14th. Occupy Detroit movement was allowed to stay until a determination vote could be made in front of the Detroit City Council earlier today.

Detroit City Councilwoman Joanne Watson visited the Occupy Detroit camp on Monday evening to express her support of protesters being allowed to camp and gather in the area for two more weeks, while the movement transitions into a more stable gathering environment for the winter.

ROJS-N Exclusive Sound File of Detroit City Councilwoman Joanne Watson visits to Occupy Detroit Camp 11/14/11

The mood of the camp was jovial after the 24 hour reprieve, with a number of supporters offering vocal and music support to entertain attendees after Councilwoman Watson's visit to Grand Circus Park. Two local musical artists, MC Invincible and Kevin from the Detroit community provided entertainment after hours after the City Council stated they would vote on if the movement would receive two more weeks to Occupy the camp, on Monday night.

ROJS-N Exclusive Sound File of Local Musical Artist Kevin at Occupy Detroit Camp 11/14/11

ROJS-N Exclusive Sound File of Local Musical Artist MC Invincible at Occupy Detroit Camp 11/14/11
Speakers expressed to the crowd the importance of keeping the movement going into the next stages, which include actions such as opening some of Detroit's estimated 10K foreclosed properties to the homeless and community actions to call out what they called the 1% who control monetary investments.

Protester Hans Barbay, a community organizer from Grosse Pointe Park, that works within the Detroit community, spoke on what he perceives to be the next stages of the Occupy Detroit Movement.

ROJS-N Exclusive Sound File of interview with Community Organizer/Occupy Detroit supporter Hans Barbay 11/14/11

Although the movement has been largely supported by most of the public in the city of Detroit, City Council members, surrounding communities and small businesses in downtown, one of the organizing supporters of Occupy Detroit, Destiny Tumboe, spoke exclusively to Reach Out Job Search News in regards to a incident at Slices -a pizza shop- on Woodward. 

Ms. Tumboe will appear on Saturday, November 19th @ 11:15 AM on Reach Out Job Search Radio to speak about the upcoming Occupy Thanksgiving event at Grand Circus Park.

Last Monday, when Ms. Tumboe and a group of supporters went to Slices to pick up a pizza that ordered, she was spat on by a employee of the business. In addition, the employee made a statement that accused the Occupy Detroit supporters of being made up of "homeless bums".

ROJS-N Exclusive Interview with Destiny Tumboe, Occupy Detroit Organizing Supporters Occupy Detroit Camp 11/14/11

Local resident Derrick wrapped up Monday night event, calling for Mayor Dave Bing (D) to stop his efforts to insist on asking Governor Rick Snyder (R) to place a Emergency Manager in the city of Detroit and for all attendees to spread the message on how to make his home, a world class location by putting it back in the hands of the people.

ROJS-N Exclusive Sound File of Resident, Derrick, addressing the Occupy Detroit Camp 11/14/11

ROJS-N Exclusive Picture File of Occupy Detroit November 14, 2011

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