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Monday, November 7, 2011

(Video) Fourth accuser Sharon Bialek, details sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain

Photo Credit-Google Images
Sharon Bialek, former employee
of the National Restaurant Assc.
during Herman Cain tenure as
CEO, accuses the GOP candidate
of sexual harassment charges.
A fourth woman appeared, this time before television cameras, to accuse Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment charges. Sharon Bialek sat alongside her attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference on Monday, November 7 @ 1:30 PM EST.

According to Bialek, the Republican presidential candidate exhibited inappropriate behavior when he was serving as head of the National Restaurant Association more than over 10 years ago.

Bialek said the alleged incident in question at a location near the NRA headquarters. Describing what can best be a distributing reveal if true, she asked for the sexual gestures from Herman Cain to stop.
"Instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg, up my skirt, and towards my genitals." She recalled that when she protested the advances, Cain said, "You want a job right?" Baklek stated.
Next, dazed by what Bialek alleged Cain stated, she also says the Republican candidate used her body part to clearly describe his statement.
Bialek stated Cain proceed in the inappropriate behavior by "grabbing [her] head and brought it towards his crotch."  
She replied feeling "shocked" by the behavior.

Photo Credit-Google Image
Republican Candidate Herman
Cain (pictured above) campaign
calls the newest sexual harassment
allegations false.
The Cain campaign responded with a statement on the accusations, calling the charges of sexual harassment "false" and referring to return to discussions about his "9-9-9 Plan".
"Just as the country finally begins to refocus on our crippling $15 trillion national debt and the unacceptably high unemployment rate, now activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of Republican front-runner Herman Cain," the Cain campaign statement replied.

"All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false. Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone. Fortunately the American people will not allow Mr. Cain’s bold "999 Plan," clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by these bogus attacks," they cited.
Three other women accusing Cain of sexual harassment allegations have yet to come forward with their details of the events. Two of the unnamed females are restricted by confidentially agreements with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) from talking about their descriptions of the incidents in public. Both of these accusers were paid settlement agreements or $35K and $45K each based on the allegations against former CEO of the NRA Herman Cain.

The third woman was not paid in a settlement agreement by the NRA or has revealed to have signed a confidentially statement. Its’ unknown at the present time if or when she will reveal to the public the accusations she alleges against Cain.

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