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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh; not so fast on Emergency Manager appointment to city

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Detroit City Council President
Charles Pugh states city can
solve fiscal issues without
a Emergency Manager.
Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh is stating in part publicly "not so fast" on media reports that Mayor Dave Bing (D) is considering a Emergency Manager be appointed to Michigan's largest city.

Pugh via his Twitter account on November 3rd. stated that Detroit has the ability to solve the city budgetary woes, on its' own.
"Detroit DOES NOT need an Emergency Manager! I don't care WHAT Dave Bing says! THE MAYOR & COUNCIL CAN MAKE THESE TOUGH DECISIONS ON OUR OWN!" Pugh wrote.
Originally reported in the Detroit Free Press on November 2nd, two unnamed City Council members in stated that during a closed door meeting Mayor Bing cited that Detroit is sliding close to insolvency and may soon require the state to take it over.

According to the unnamed sources, Bing cited as pension and health care costs are skyrocketing, Detroit is running out of operational funds, despite city unionized workers accepting a 10% pay cut in the last year.

Detroit City Council President Pugh in a released statement this morning, stated he feels that council and the mayor should retain local control. Ways Pugh stated this could be achieved is by negotiating with city unionized workers, increasing contractors fees and having the Mayor present more constructive ideas to save the city.
“It is true that the City of Detroit is in fiscal crisis and more tough decisions need to be made," Pugh said in the statement. "However, the mayor and City Council are capable of making these decisions on our own," Pugh stated. 
"The City Council will support smart, tough decisions but we need the mayor to show leadership on this issue," Pugh said. "We should be talking about bold ideas - an emergency manager is the last thing we should be talking about,” he cited.
Mayor Bing's office have yet to follow up on his ideas that Detroit would require a Emergency Manager to assist the city with solvency issues from the initial Detroit Free Press article.
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