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Friday, November 25, 2011

(Video) 'Black Friday' shopping results in a series of violent incidents at nationwide Walmart stores

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UPDATED: 4:55PM EST-New Incident with video in Buckeye, AZ that knocked out cold a 54 year old Grandfather at Walmart for suspected shoplifting.

UPDATED AGAIN: 7:15 PM EST-Another Incident at 'you guess it', a Walmart store location in Southington, CT shows a African-American man being stun-gunned by store security and staff. Read the update with video, here.

THIRD & FOURTH (we're serious) UPDATE: 9:37 PM EST & 10:57PM EST - An tenth 'Walmart Black Friday' violence event was reported, this time in Fruitport, Michigan. A teenage girl was taken to a local hospital after being caught in a rush of shoppers. The fourth update (11th reported incident) is a video showing an woman at a Mesquite, TX Walmart nearly crushed by a mob of shoppers.

FIFTH UPDATE- 11:41 PM EST- Walmart shopper in Providence, R.I. stabbed at retailers Silver Point Street location make incident number 12 of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence. More details available here.

Walmart, who bragged and advertised on nearly every broadcast station opening at 10PM on Thanksgiving Day for “Black Friday” sales, experienced an outbreak of violence incidents at stores nationwide, from consumers trying to be “first to get the deal”. 

At least 24, 25, 26, 27,28, 29 people were injured in the series of incidents, at six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven... twelve different Walmart stores in the U.S.

The sad night of events for Walmart included a shopper in California shopper was shot during a failed robbery attempt, fights over $1.88 towels, police officer who used pepper spray to quell a crowd and a pepper-spraying shopper who injured 20 people in a attempt to keep other people away from the merchandise she wanted to buy.

Walmart "Black Friday" violence incidents nationwide round-up

In Porter Ranch,CA were authorities said a woman shot pepper spray to keep shoppers from merchandise she wanted during a Black Friday sale, and 20 people suffered minor injuries.

The incident occurred only 20 minutes after Walmart’s broadcast opening time, at 10:20 PM, after the store was overcrowded when they let in shoppers hungry for deals.

Previous Walmart “Black Friday” incidents have occurred when shoppers were left outside one of the retailer store locations three years ago. In this episode, waiting customers were trampled on their way into the door for 'Black Friday' deals and a employee was killed.

In Walmart’s November 24th event at their Porter Ranch location, LAPD stated the suspect shot pepper spray when coverings over electronics items she wanted, were removed.
"Somehow she was trying to use it to gain an upper hand," police Lt. Abel Parga told The Associated Press early today."

Parga said police were still looking for the woman. Walmart didn’t shut down the location after 20 “Black Friday” customers were injured with the pepper spray. In fact, the store remained open and those not affected by the pepper spray continued shopping, like nothing occurred.

Moving to the south in Florence, Alabama, a shopper was subdued with a stun gun at a Walmart store, as shoppers gathered for Black Friday sales. WAFF-TV reports police said they used a stun gun twice to gain control of 22-year-old Christopher Blake Pyron before arresting him.

Police said they made the arrest around 11PM Thursday, just shy of an hour Walmart opened its doors for late-night and early-morning shopping. Authorities said Pyron will be charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

Shopping inside the Florence, Ala. Wal-Mart location continued during and after the suspect was stun gunned by local law enforcement authories.

Travelling up to Northern California, a Black Friday shopper was shot when he resisted a pair of armed robbers outside a Walmart store, who wanted the items the shopper and his family just purchased.

Local law enforcement authories stated the victim was coming out of the San Leandro store around 1:45AM –two hours and 45 minutes after the Walmart 'Black Friday' sale began- with family members. 

Shortly thereafter, in the retailers’ parking lot, the victim and family members were confronted by two men, who demanded their purchases. When the family refused, a fight broke out and the gunman fired a single shot.

Local news station KGO-TV reports a family member detained one of the suspects until officers arrived, but the gunman got away. The victim is in stable condition at a hospital.

Witnesses say the Walmart parking lot was crowded with Black Friday shoppers at the time, and many ran back into the store when the shot was fired. The store only briefly closed while police investigated the incident.

Going back to the Southeast in Kinston, North Carolina, one man was arrested after a holiday shopping scuffle the town Walmart store, which police used pepper spray against the shopper.

Public Safety Director Bill Johnson told a local news station the incident happened early Friday morning. An off-duty Kinston officer was working a security detail at Walmart when some customers jumped over barriers to “run and grab” electronic equipment that wasn't yet available for purchase.

Shopper Angel Bunting told another local news station WITN-TV that the incident began when a man waiting inline for discounted cell phones, fell into a display, after being pushed by other customers.

Johnson says the off-duty officer used a short burst of pepper spray in the air to control the scene but, none of the customers were sprayed in the face or eyes, he stated.

One man was arrested. Information on what charges the former Walmart shopper will face was immediately available. Shoppers continued to shop, while covering their noses against the pepper spray smell.

To the sunny South in Kissimmee Florida, a man was arrested after a fight broke out at a jewelry counter during “Black Friday” at their Walmart.

Kissimmee's police department told the Orlando Sentinel two men were fighting at the store during Friday's early morning hours. One man resisted when a police officer tried to escort him out of the store, which caused officers to force him to the ground, and put him in handcuffs.

The unidentified man is charged with resisting arrest. No shoppers were hurt. Everyone not injured at the location, continued shopping.

In the Toledo suburb of Oregon, police responded to three separate reports of fights at a Walmart on Thursday night. One officer told The Blade newspaper that one of the fights was over hand towels selling for $1.88. 

Going to New York, police said two women were injured and a man charged after a fight broke out at a Walmart.

UPDATED NEW INCIDENT Number 8 of 'Black Friday Walmart' violence

Moving to the Southwestern region of Buckeye, Arizona, a Grandfather was body-slammed and knocked out to the hard concrete floor, when police patrolling the location thought he was attempting to shoplift video games.

Raw Story reports the victim has been identified as 54-year-old Jerald Newman. He was charged with shoplifting, after being treated for injuries at a local hospital. Details from the media online resource on the incident at Buckeye Walmart store is below.
"After the suspect Grandson got trampled, he put the video game he was holding in his waistband in order to free up his hands and lift the boy out of the crowd, according to KSAZ. 
That’s when cops moved in, slamming the grandfather’s head on the hard Wal-Mart floor. The aftermath was caught on cell phone video. 
“Are you sure that was necessary for shoplifting?” one customer asked as the cops cuffed the unconscious man, his head lying in a pool of blood. 
“You done knocked the mother****** out,” another shopper said.  
As an officer rolled the man over, it became obvious that he was out cold. Another officer quickly found that more than paper towels were needed to clean up the mess. 
“They grabbed the guy, body planted him into the ground — face shatters on concrete,” shopper Skyler Stone told KSAZ. “That’s a hard concrete floor inside Walmart.” 
“All of a sudden, you see this little boy run up and wailing and yelling, ‘Grandpa, Grandpa,’ and crying his eyes out,” Stone added.

UPDATED NEW INCIDENT Number 9 of 'Black Friday Walmart' violence

For a update number 9 on 'Walmart Black Friday' violence we will travel to Southington, CT. In this incident from a incident from a CNN i-reporter shows another shopper being stun-gunned by store staff and security. More details on this story is located on ROJS-N here.

UPDATE NUMBER THREE-TENTH REPORTED INCIDENT of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence in Fruitport, Michigan

For the 10th incident of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence, we hit the freeway to Fruitport Township, near Muskegon, Michigan; where authorities say a teenage girl was trampled at a western Michigan Walmart store. 

She suffered minor injuries after getting caught in a rush to a sale in the electronics department.  Read the entire update, with Fruitport Township Supervisor logical thoughts on tailoring 'Black Friday' rush sales, here.

UPDATE NUMBER FOUR-ELEVENTH REPORTED INCIDENT of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence in Mesquite, Texas

We're catching a flight to Mesquite, TX for the 11th incident of 'Walmart Black Friday' nearly violence today. In the video, linked on ROJS-N article here a woman was nearly crushed by a mob of shoppers demanding electronics.

UPDATE NUMBER FIVE-TWELVE REPORTED INCIDENT of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence in Providence, Rhode Island

Jumping aboard a red-eye to Providence, RI for the 12th (kid you not) incident of 'Walmart Black Friday' violence for sure today. A breaking report by local affiliate news station WRPI Channel 12, states a shopper was stabbed late this evening at the Walmart Silver Spring Street location.

Details on the non-violent Walmart "Black Friday" incident

Other non-violent shopping related Walmart news occurred in northern Ohio, after Black Friday shoppers had to leave their bargains behind when a car accident knocked out power, forcing the store to be evacuated.

A drunk driver hit a utility pole near the store just before midnight near the town of Port Clinton, along Lake Erie. Authorities from around the area including police, firefighters and agents from the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol were called in to get hundreds of Black Friday shoppers out of the Walmart.

Should Walmart lack of crowd control spell an end to the retailers "Thanksgiving Thursday" or "Black Friday" shopping in the future?

It appears that Walmart's across the nation didn't effectively heal to the warnings reported by Michigan Radio on Wednesday, November 23rd from Occupational Health and Safety Administration Assistant Secretary, David Michaels. 

Michaels warned in advance, most retailers should know better than to let 'Black Friday' shoppers mass near the front door with no security, barricades or rope lines in place. 
"We know that’s a recipe for disaster.  We’ve seen too much chaos, too many people injured," Michaels stated.
Just three short years ago, in 2008, a Walmart employee was trampled to death by an out-of-control 'Black Friday' crowd which broke down doors of the store just minutes before it was scheduled to open.

Another year of "Happy Black Friday" shopping at neighborhood Walmart's across our great nation leave us with asking the question, is it time to end "Black Friday"...or the new Thanksgiving Thursday craze? Should allow employees and shoppers to stay home until regular scheduled Day after Thanksgiving retail hours? Feel free to leave your thoughts in our comment section. 

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