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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(Video) Why most African-Americans will never flock to Herman Cain's Presidential campaign

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Reports have filled airwaves over the "Blowing Smoke" and "Yellow Flowers Ranch Hand" videos of Republican Presidential candidate & former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Herman Cain in recent days. 

What was missed by most media resources is the"The Herman Cain Train Music Video" which has actually received over 350K views on You Tube.

After reviewing this video, a summary by ROJS News writer Monica RW, points out five facts on why this effort for introducing Herman Cain's ideas to the public-at-large, will never fly with the typical African-American voter. 

-In the video, Cain used the word "plantation", which was the terminology used to describe lands which African-American slaves were held against their will to work under unpaid severance conditions of their "slave-masters".

-Shortly thereafter in the video, Cain's uses the misappropriate analogy of comparing his great-grand parents being "slaves" as justification on why he's running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. 

-The "good ole boy" country music based related melody that plays loudly throughout the video piece, is unlikely to give endearing thoughts to most African-Americans with ancestry roots in Southern states.

-Blatant disregard by GOP candidate Cain that negative racial perceptions exist for a majority of African-Americans about the "Tea Party". Cain states with a sarcastic tone in the video "Too all Americans that think the Tea Party is a racist organization, eat your words!"

-Dismissing leaders -i.e. President Barack Obama's- ability to count. "We don't have leaders that understand 2 + 2 SHOULD equal 4", Cain stated during the video so-called "phone conversation" segment. Next, to tie the reference into President Obama directly, Cain says to a student, "Remember this Presidential Candidate can count", which the student with a video camera replies "maybe unlike our current President". 

-Open question, where are the other individuals of color in Herman Cain's video like Asian, Latino, Indian and Arabic Americans? Was it a editing decision in the video to leave this groups of color out? The video did contain featured "convenient drops" of "African-Americans who support the Tea Party" in some campaign spots? 

-Look quick, as the quick flashes of "Herman Cain Supporters" rallies showed little to no African-Americans in the audience. Just the still or "set-up" video stage shots.  

A noteworthy fact is that President Obama graduated from two top rated educational institutions Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Any references to the current President's counting ability would be insulting to the typical African-American voter.  

Watch the video and feel free to leave your opinions -regardless of color- on Herman Cain's run for President in ROJS News comment section below.

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