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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Occupy Michigan events scheduled statewide during October

Photo Credit-Occupy Michigan webpage
Grassroots campaign Occupy Together Movement sweeping nationwide rooting from Occupy Wall Street rallies, has formed rally dates in Michigan. 

Wednesday Thompson, state social media manager of U.S. Uncut-Michigan, is one of the planners of the upcoming #Occupy Michigan in Detroit and Lansing events. 

Ms. Thompson appeared as a featured guest on Reach Out Job Search Radio podcast on Sunday, October 2nd, sharing information on scheduled Michigan rallies during this month.

On Saturday, October 15, 2011 @ 10:00 AM, a rally will take place at the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing. On the groups' Occupy Lansing Facebook webpage, 923 individuals as of today's date, plan on attending.

Local leaders will speak on issues of economic fairness between what the group calls 99 percenters versus the top 1% percent of Michiganders, moving individual savings from commercialize banking institutions to credit unions, impact of recent Michigan laws signed by Governor Rick Snyder (R) and the Republican super-majorities in Michigan House and Senate favoring C & S corporations in the state. 

Members of the public-at-large will have up to 3 minutes to address individual grievance concerns. 

A Occupy Detroit rally, which has 1,633 individuals on the groups' Facebook page that plan on attending the event, is scheduled for Friday, October 21, 2011 @ Noon in Roosevelt Park -across from the Historical Detroit Train Depot. 
"These events are for the people", Ms. Thompson announced on ROJS Radio on October 2nd"Recent laws passed by Gov. Rick Snyder and state Legislative Republicans seek to increase economic divide between wealthy Michiganders and individuals who work paycheck to paycheck, supporting themselves and their family," she noted.  
"Within these series of laws, these elected state Representatives and Senators, continue to defy wills of a majority of people in Michigan," Thompson stated.
"The open question is who or what organization are they working for because it appears they are not listening to what Michigan's working, middle and lower classes want to see in our state laws", she cited.
On the Facebook based #Occupy Michigan webpage, smaller events statewide gathering support, with rallies scheduled in Monroe on October 5th, Ann Arbor on October 6th and Flint on October 14thA separate webpage from Facebook titled "Occupy Michigan-Join the Movement" has been formed to as a communication point for additional general assembly events statewide.

Reach Out Job Search News citizen journalist and writer Monica RW will be on-the-ground providing Twitter based updates from the Thursday, October 6th Ann Arbor event. 

Additionally, Ms. Ross-Williams is scheduled to be one of the featured speakers at Saturday October 15th Occupy Lansing rally, addressing grievances on forming concrete employment measures in Michigan's Legislative chambers for Michigan unemployed, underemployed job seekers and 99ers.

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