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Sunday, October 16, 2011

(Exclusive) Occupy Lansing event turns out 500 protesters, welcomed by city Mayor Virg Bernero

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Photo Credit-ROJSNews
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One of the estimated 500
protesters that tool part
in Occupy Lansing kick
off event.
Approximately 500 people took part in the first organized protest on Michigan's capital grounds for Occupy Lansing event. Masters of Ceremonies Tony Trupiano of 1310 AM Progressive Political Talk Show "First Shift" program, introduced a variety of speakers who highlighted topic manners ranging from unemployment, money management, environmental issues and ineffective governmental laws impacting the 99 %.

Mayor of Lansing and former Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero warmly welcomed protesters to the capital city. He noted that participants patriotism with standing together in calls in for fairness between the lower, working & middle classes, against the wealthiest Americans. 

Mayor Bernero also cited the need for a "Main Street, not Wall Street" forefront agenda, to restore economic fairness.

Mayor Virg Bernero welcomes Occupy Lansing 10/15/11-
 Courtesy of Eclectablog "You Tube" Channel

Speaker Sara Feldman of the Move Your Money campaign spoke about the need transfer monetary assets from corporately owned financial institutions, into community banks and locality owned credit unions.

Discussing the need to maintain quality environmental standards within Michigan's abundant acres of natural and water based resources; Serge Farinas from the Washtenaw Community Action Team (WCAT) enunciated the importance of standing against harmful corporate actions damaging these areas.

Ann Arbor Public Schools union President Brit Satchwell during a "on the ground" interview with ROJSNews, citied how Republican based legislative actions similar to the "Right to Teach" proposal, severely impacts Michigan's K-12 Public School Systems ability to teach in the state.

Naomi Glogower of Lansing while listening intensively to speakers, knitted gloves, hats and scarves for overnight protesters at Reutters Park for warm during Saturday's brisk October weather.

Protesters continued events into the afternoon which included a peace march around the state Capitol Building and downtown Lansing, before returning back to Reutters Park for evening activities at the makeshift camp location.

Reach Out Job Search News Photo Diary of Occupy Lansing
Photo Credit-ROJSNews

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