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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Detroit event draws crowds to Grand Circus Park

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The first Occupy Detroit event drew huge crowds to the downtown Grand Circus Park. Approximately 1300-1500 participants marched down Woodward street leading into the location.

Michiganders who took part in the protest and march had a variety of reasons in coming down to the event. Still one main theme was vocalized and written on signs by the people attending Occupy Detroit: Increase taxes of the 1% of the top wage earners in this state and America.

Detroit resident Dwayne McGruder called for jobs to return back within the city limits and a immediate stop to Public Act #4, the Emergency Manager dictatorship law, signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) in April 2011.

One of the protesters who preferred to stay Anonymous, believe that Wall Street "Greed" is ruining America. In addition, he stated what he describes "the top 1%" engage in greed activities, without producing any tangible product to contribute to the society.

Kim, a participant who works in the Downtown Detroit believes that the Occupy Detroit movement presents a way for the people to voice their concerns about governmental entities not working for the people who elected them into office.

During the march, protesters chats called for economic fairness & equal employment opportunities within their neighborhoods, cities and communities.

Michelle Burrows, who traveled to the Occupy Detroit protests from Ypsilanti, Michigan, brought her sons to take part in the event. Burrows recited the importance for her children to take part in what she believe was history making moment, as a family, would remember in the future.

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Occupy Detroit October 14, 2011 
Photo Credit -ROJSNews

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