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Friday, October 7, 2011

(Exclusive) Demands for economic fairness at first Occupy Ann Arbor event on 10/6

A Reach Out Job Search News Exclusive 
Photo Credit-ROJS News
Calls for support of
the 99%, was the main
theme of the U of M
rally on 10/6.

More than 200 individuals participated on University of Michigan campus General Assembly rallied to support the Occupy Ann Arbor event. Speakers encouraged attendees with calls for economic fairness between what they called the 99 percent and the top 1% of wealth individuals in America.

One of the organizers of the Occupy Lansing and, the upcoming Occupy Detroit Campaign on October 21st, Lucianna Sabgash of Saginaw, Michigan, cited her goals for the events is for Government to work for citizens instead of corporations and the wealthy. Listen to Ms. Sabgash's interview with ROJS News below.

David Olson of Ann Arbor, Michigan stated his reasons for attending Thursday's event was to reach out to others who have experienced similar injustices in the economic system. He also spoke about his belief that corporate financing has lead to corruption in U.S. Government systems. Click the below sound file to listen to David Olson's interview with ROJSNews.

Occupy Ann Arbor organizer and University of Michigan student Whitney Jasmine Miller, stated the next step of this initial movement would be developing committees coordinating local government activism in the Ann Arbor area and to assist other "Occupy" campaigns across the state. Listen to Whitney Miller's interview with ROJSNews.

View ROJSNews "on the ground" pictures from the first Occupy Ann Arbor rally at our growing Facebook fan page.

Video from the Occupy Ann Arbor rally, featuring four speakers during the event, at the University of Michigan campus on 10/6/11

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