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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Election reform Republican style, Michigan SOS Ruth Johnson introduces "Safe & Fair Election Initiative"

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Michigan Secretary of State
Ruth Johnson (R)
Michigan’s Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (R) plans on enacting tougher campaign finance laws, purging election rolls of dead voters and otherwise invalid names her office would determine, to make state elections “more secure”.

On October 12th, SOS Johnson released what is called a “Safe and Fair Elections Initiative” with Republican lawmakers in both the state House and Senate sponsoring bills in the package.

SOS Johnson's request for new state election laws include establishing an election crimes unit with an “Election Day response team” responding at polling locations to investigate on the spot, closing photo identification loopholes she believes exists and ensuring that candidates are representatives of the their stated party affiliation in primary and general elections.

MLive reports that SOS Johnson is working for Representative Candice Miller (R-Macomb) asking for help at the federal level to remove deceased individuals and people who have moved out of state from the voter rolls.

Former Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson (R) won the Secretary of State position in November 2010, by a 51 to 45%  margin against Wayne State Professor Jocelyn Benson (D). She was sworn into office in January 2011. 

Johnson’s Secretary of State's office already has removed about 30,000 names from the roles and there are estimates that an additional 20,000 names should be removed, SOS spokeswoman Gisgie Davila Gendreau stated to MLive.

State Senate Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, and state Representative. Sharon Tyler, R-Niles are lead sponsors for SOS Johnson’s “Safe and Fair Election Initiative” packages.

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