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Saturday, October 8, 2011

DPS EM Roy Roberts stays in, voters reject elimination of property tax, Gov. Snyder to run again

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Calls for state investigation arise over $200K severance payment for former Wayne County Economic Development Director Turkin Mullin
State Rep. John Olumba, D-Detroit, has asked the state Attorney General to determine if any crimes have been committed by Wayne County in giving a former employee a $200,000 severance payment when she left for another, higher-paying job. 
Olumba said he became especially concerned about the $200,000 payment given to former economic development director Turkia Mullin, who left Wayne County to become the executive director of Metro Airport, when county Executive Robert Ficano said he was going to launch an internal investigation into the payment. 
“That sounds like a monarchy and the King saying he’s going to investigate his court,” Olumba said.
Read the entire story at the Detroit Free Press.

Detroit Public School Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts says put, for now, as Michigan Court of Appeals reject "Oath of Office" lawsuit.
Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts, scored a legal victory when the Michigan Court of Appeals rejected a lawsuit seeking to remove him from office.  
Robert Davis, a union employee and Highland Park school board member, said Roberts should be removed because he failed to take the oath of office when he took control of DPS in May. Roberts took the oath in August. 
The court ruled that Roberts was the de facto leader for DPS in the time between his appointment and his oath, making all of his decisions during that time valid. 
Davis said he expects to file an emergency appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court next week.

Read the entire story at the Detroit Free Press.
Michigan voters overwhelmingly voters reject eliminating state Personal Property Tax, if cuts to local services follow
Michigan voters are markedly cool to the idea of axing another tax on business – the personal property tax – especially if it meant cuts to local schools, fire and police services, according to a poll released today. 
The EPIC-MRA poll found that 61% of voters oppose, either strongly or somewhat, the elimination of the tax on business equipment and machinery, while 28% favor the idea.  
When asked how the prospect of “major cuts” in local services would affect their views, poll respondents were even more negative, opposing elimination of the tax 76%-17%. 
Read the entire story at the Detroit Free Press.

Announcing plans three years early, Gov. Rick Snyder spokesperson says he will run re-election in 2014
Rick Snyder's spokeswoman cleared the air on if the first-termed less than one year in office Governor, would run for re-election. Sara Wurfel, spokesperson for Gov. Snyder told the Detroit News on Thursday the Governor almost certainly plans to serve a second term if Michigan voters will have him. 
Wurfel said in Grand Rapids that earlier remarks Gov. Snyder made that he would not seek a second term if he completed his agenda in four years were misinterpreted.
In a speech Thursday, October 6th at the Michigan Municipal League convention and in a follow-up session with reporters, Snyder was reported to have stated that there is a huge amount of work to be done in Michigan and thus, he plans to seek a second term.

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