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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wall Street and Corporate America – You sure screwed up big time – How you going to fix it?

Let’s recap for those that are not regular readers.

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What would you say if I told you that no matter how hard you worked, or studied and no matter how high of an education you had obtained, there was somebody that would make a decision that if it would elevate 4 people in China or India from poverty to the middle class, and even though it would destroy your life by forcing you from the middle class into poverty, the cost was acceptable?

And you would have absolutely zero input before the decision was made.

Would it make you mad?

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IRBID, Jordan (AP) – After a garment factory worker told Jordanian police she had been raped three times by her boss, the case escalated into an international campaign that threatens to close down Jordan’s largest garment exporter to the U.S.

It could also force government and business to do more to improve conditions in an industry that has been crucial to this kingdom’s economy – and to its relations with the United States.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for widespread rape allegations to go unaddressed,” said Amanda Kloer, editor of, which is organizing the petition. “This campaign is an example of consumers’ power to protect women’s rights.”

In the past 10 years, the Geneva-based International Labor Organization said in successive reports that foreign workers in Jordan’s industrial compounds faced “serious abuses,” like human trafficking, forced labor, long working hours without pay. The ILO has been working with the Jordanian government to help prevent abuse, helping amend the labor code and developing a training program for inspectors to check on working conditions.

Labor Ministry Undersecretary Khleif Khawaldeh said there may have been “some deficiencies in our labor regulations and practices, but we’re continuously seeking to improve them.”

He said surprise inspections have been conducted at Classic and other factories.

Jordanians are worried the Classic case will encourage American businesses to shun output from Jordan.

“Why should the Jordanian industry bear the brunt of such actions by a foreign factory manager?” asked Samir Maqdah, a union leader assisting the factories. He said if the manager is guilty, he should be punished.

The labor rights watchdog says at least 300 young workers have been raped by Classic managers since 2007. It also accuses managers of beating workers, forcing them to work long shifts with few breaks, refusing to pay their salaries and intimidating the women into silence by threatening to have them deported.

Sanal Kumar, Classic’s managing director, denied the charges and accused U.S. labor unions of being behind them.

“They want to see all those plants abroad move to the United States to provide jobs to the Americans,” he said.

He also blamed Israel, saying its supporters had influenced the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights.

Companies like Classic have their roots in a project launched in the 1990s to boost peace with Israel by allowing duty-free exports to the United States to factories in Jordan that used a certain proportion of Israeli inputs. Kumar said Israel is angry that many factories largely abandoned the Israel connection after duty-free eligibility was broadened in Jordan.

The labor rights institute said Kumar’s accusations were “nonsense.”

Days after news of the rape allegations emerged, U.S. retailers Kohl’s, Macy’s and Lands’ End stopped placing orders from Classic, Kumar said. He said within four weeks, Classic’s losses reached $10 million, or 8 percent of its annual exports.

“If these three or my other customers walk away permanently, we’re gone,” Kumar said.

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Step 7

How do we reverse the damage that has been created by Wall Street and Corporate America?

If we bring our jobs home, we elevate Americans back into the middle class and restore our economy.
Yet at the same time we destroy the economy of Jordan, so that is not an answer.

The only way I can see to resolve it is to raise wages around the World to match America and implement laws that will protect the people of each country.

Of course, that creates other problems.
But it is the only solution that I see.

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