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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unemployed and without insurance Kyle Willis, nephew of acclaimed bassist Bootsy Collins, dies of a tooth inflection

Photo Credit-news.
Kyle Willis, 24, nephew of R & B
songwriter, singer and funk bassist
Bootsy Collins, died of a tooth
inflection due to being unemployed
and without insurance for proper
treatment measures.
Some would think things what like will be described below only happens in third World countries and not in the the United States. 

Instead, a 24 year-old man died from a brain inflection caused by a toothache, due to the fact that he could not afford antibiotics due to being unemployed.

The man, a single father and aspiring paralegal Kyle Wilis died on Wednesday,  August 30rd at the University of Cincinnati Hospital after suffering from a wisdom toothache due to a then, localized inflection. Mr. Willis is the nephew of highly acclaimed and award winning funk bassist, singer, and songwriter Bootsy Collins.

Photo Credit-Google Images
Kyle Willis, 24, who died on
August 31st from a untreated tooth
 inflection due to being unemployed
and without insurance was the
 nephew of acclaimed, award winning
funk bassist, singer and
songwriter Boosty Collins
Being unemployed, Mr. Willis went to pursue medical treatment for the wisdom toothache after he begun to suffer pain. Emergency room personnel gave Mr. Willis the standard treatment of pain medication and antibiotics but, he could only afford to fill one prescription due to being unemployed. Sadly for the single father, he filled the pain medication prescription and the inflection spread within a two week period, to his brain.

Patti Collins, his aunt and wife of famed musician Bootsy Collins, described to Cincinnati, Ohio local station WLWT News 5, being shocked on receiving a call that he nephew was in the hospital in critical condition.
"I said, 'What do you mean they're calling the family?' (My daughter) said, 'Mom, the infection (Willis) had in his tooth has gone to his brain," Collins said. 
"The (doctors) gave him antibiotic and pain medication. But he couldn't afford to pay for the antibiotic, so he chose the pain meds, which was not what he needed," Collins said to WLWT News 5.
The family has set up a fund to assist with payment for Kyle Willis funeral expenses and set up a fund for his young daughter age 6, who survives him. For donations, please contact the follow address: 
Kyle Willis Memorial Fund
604 Ohio Pike Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245-2141
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